ACA – NSW/ACT has had a strong focus on advocacy in recent years, joining with other industry groups and professional bodies to lobby government for building reforms and better regulations. The branch’s event calendar often supports these advocacy efforts, with key industry figures providing updates to the ACA community.

Find out more about what is coming up and what topics we have covered at past events via the links below. We hope to see you at an ACA event soon – either online or in person.


NSW/ACT 2022 Update

8 December 2022

It’s been another busy and challenging year for all in the architectural community. The NSW/ACT Branch Committee has continued working hard to deliver informative CPD presentations and networking opportunities as well as useful resources to the membership.

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NSW/ACT Practice Management Prize Winners

24 November 2022

The NSW/ACT Committee is proud to present two students in the Architecture course at the University of Western Sydney with a prize for outstanding work in units related to Practice Management.

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ACT Rooftop Drinks

4 November 2022

NSW/ACT Vice President Farhad Edibam and committee invite members to join them on Thursday 17 November at the Howling Moon Bar at the Canberra Rex Hotel.

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Canberra Half-Yearly CPD Event Recap

10 August 2022

Stephen Pearse provides a recap of the ACA’s recent six-monthly catch-up and CPD event in Canberra. It was an excellent evening for all, with informative presentations and a chance to learn, earn CPD and meet up.

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D&BP Act – 12 Months In

26 July 2022

Join the ACA NSW/ACT Committee on Wednesday 10 August for a presentation about the NSW D&BP Act by Principal Building Inspector Jonathan Lynch and Senior Building Inspector and registered architect Charles Zhang from Building Professional Audits, NSW Fair Trading.

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Bushfire Resilience and Design

20 June 2022

Join the ACA NSW/ACT Committee on Thursday 21 July for a Zoom presentation by Nigel Bell, architect and expert in the design of bushfire compliant buildings.

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Changes to National Construction Code

10 June 2022

Join the ACA NSW/ACT committee on Wednesday 29 June for a special presentation on the changes and updates to the NCC with Luke Sheehy from Design Confidence.

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Sydney recap – Becoming fearless

10 May 2022

Jennifer Crawford provides a recap of the recent Sydney event, Becoming Fearless in Practice, presented by Michael Lewarne.

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Sydney event – Becoming fearless in practice

6 April 2022

Join Michael Lewarne and the NSW/ACT branch on Wednesday 27 April for a presentation on reshaping practice and exploring new possibilities. Don’t miss our first Sydney face to face event for the year.

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NSW/ACT 2021 – D&BP Act, Collaboration & Wellbeing

6 December 2021

In 2021, the NSW/ACT branch focused on CPD events on the NSW D&BP Act, advocacy, collaboration with other professional bodies and prioritising mental wellbeing.

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Xmas Drinks in Canberra

11 November 2021

Save the date for the Canberra end-of-year Christmas drinks at the Howling Moon Rooftop Bar on Tuesday 14 December.

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Members Hitting Milestones in NSW/ACT

6 November 2021

Our NSW/ACT branch is celebrating 24 member practices who have been with the ACA for 25 years or more! This special group have been with us almost since the beginning and have witnessed dramatic change in both the profession and in our Association.

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The Three Pillars of Wellbeing

30 September 2021

BVN’s Head of People & Character Brian Clohessy describes the practice’s wellbeing initiatives, including inhouse Working Cultural Groups, which focus on the three pillars of physical, social and mental wellbeing.

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NSW Digitalisation of Construction Report

9 September 2021

The Industry Report on Digitalisation of Design and Construction of Class 2 Buildings in New South Wales was launched in late August, after extensive research conducted by the University of Western Sydney’s Centre for Smart Modern Construction.

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NSW Regulation & Class 2 Buildings

31 August 2021

Join us on Wednesday 8 September for a special presentation by Kirsten Orr, Registrar, NSW Architects Registration Board, on the regulatory context of architecture in NSW with a focus on Class 2 Buildings.

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NSW D&BP Act, part 1 – The Architect’s Perspective

23 August 2021

The first of a five-part CPD series on the NSW Design & Building Practitioners Act (DBP Act) features an information session by special counsel Christopher Larcos of Moray & Agnew Lawyers. The presentation sets out key issues as they apply to architects.

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NSW D&BP Act, part 3 – Consequences of the Act

8 August 2021

The third of a five-part CPD series on the NSW Design & Building Practitioners Act (DBP Act) features an information session by Paul Viney on the consequences of the Act in relation to regulated design requirements and the provision of architectural services.

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NSW D&BP Act, part 4 – Insurance Implications

6 August 2021

Number four in a five-part CPD series on the NSW Design & Building Practitioners Act (DBP Act) features Simon Gray and Carina Bogaard from Planned Cover discussing the insurance implications of the bill.

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NSW/ACT – Advocacy & Education, Events & Plans

27 June 2021

The NSW D&BP Act has been a key focus for the NSW/ACT Committee in the first half of 2021, with ongoing advocacy and a suite of seminars to assist members in understanding the implications of the new legislation, writes Jennifer Crawford.

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NSW Design & Building Practitioners Act Part 1 – A Recap

13 May 2021

NSW/ACT committee member Jennifer Crawford provides a comprehensive recap of a recent ACA event about NSW building reform, where legal counsel Christopher Larcos took us through the legal implications of the D&BP Act.

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Ideas for a Better Profession

3 May 2021

The NSW/ACT branch committee is delighted to present another face to face event on Thursday 27 May, with speaker Michael Lewarne exploring important questions about the nature of architectural practice and how we might do things differently in a post-COVID world.

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Welcome NSW/ACT Committee Members

9 March 2021

The ACA – NSW/ACT Committee is delighted to welcome four new elected committee members (from top left, clockwise): Jennifer Crawford, Ivana Simkovic, Justine Money and Fabricio Siqueira.

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A Contemporary Heritage Approach

5 February 2021

The NSW/ACT branch of the ACA has joined forces with Sydney East Architects to host a special event on contemporary heritage matters in NSW on Wednesday 17 February.

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NSW/ACT Update 2020

8 December 2020

The NSW/ACT branch takes us through the highlights of the year, with a busy online webinar calendar, continuing advocacy around the Design and Building Practitioners regulations, some anticipated Committee changes and plans for 2021.

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Doing Documentation Better

3 October 2020

On 11 November 2020, guest speaker Alex Chistiakoff presented an ACA webinar on delivering high quality documentation efficiently and consistently. 

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JobKeeper, HomeBuilder & going solo

3 August 2020

Jennifer Crawford highlights the eligibility issues of JobKeeper and HomeBuilder, and describes her recent move back to the life of a sole practitioner.

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Catch-up in Canberra - 29 July

7 July 2020

The NSW/ACT Committee and President Agi Sterling are delighted to invite you to attend our half-yearly get together in Canberra on Wednesday 29 July.

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NSW/ACT Branch Update - May 2020

29 May 2020

The NSW/ACT Committee made a rapid shift to events online, continued its important advocacy work, and instigated key initiatives for the ACA Business Toolbox.

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Construction Crossroads with David Chandler

13 May 2020

What will be the role of architects in light of the new Building Practitioners' legislation in NSW? Join the ACA - NSW/ACT and NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler on Wednesday 20 May for a special discussion on future directions for the construction industry.

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LinkedIn for Architects - 6 May

24 April 2020

How can you use LinkedIn to communicate your practice's point of difference, build your networks and land new clients? Join the ACA on 6 May for an online event with LinkedIn expert, Kylie Butler, to discover how you can best leverage this vital networking and marketing tool to stand out from your competition.

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Investment in Digital Design

20 April 2020

Existing investment in new digital platforms has meant that dwp|design worldwide partnership was well placed to switch to working mode when the COVID-19 crisis arose.

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New Challenges & Modes of Working

8 April 2020

Hayball has explored varied modes of working and learning over many years, but the rapid shift to remote, distributed workplaces in the era of COVID-19 is a new challenge.

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Building on Existing Flex Systems

5 April 2020

For BVN, the transition to all staff working from home has been ‘seamless’. The ease of the move is an outcome of already having robust flex systems in place, a commitment to open honest communication, and a focus on health and wellbeing.

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Juggling Home & Work

27 February 2020

Join the ACA for a lively online discussion about juggling home and work, practice and parenting with Melonie Bayl-Smith and Michael Lewarne.

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NSW/ACT Update - Advocacy, Events and Engagement

5 December 2019

The NSW/ACT Committee has had a strong focus on advocacy this year, joining other industry groups to lobby government for building reform.

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NSW Design and Building Practitioners’ Bill

7 November 2019

The ACA welcomes NSW draft legislation and supports the NSW Government’s efforts on building quality.

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Insights from the NSW Land and Environment Court

22 October 2019

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the NSW Land and Environment Court and its relevance to architects with Chris Shaw and Tim Horton on 27 November.

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Christmas Drinks in Canberra

22 October 2019

The ACA - NSW/ACT Committee is delighted to be hosting Christmas drinks in Canberra on Monday 25 November.
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Recent Advocacy & Future Events in NSW/ACT

3 September 2019

The NSW/ACT committee offers an update on recent advocacy and outlines future events.

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ABIC Contracts

26 August 2019

Join the ACA - NSW/ACT and Special Counsel Christopher Larcos on 16 October to learn more about the changes to ABIC Contracts.

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Aileen Sage Architects

7 August 2019

For Sydney-based Aileen Sage, early collaborations with artists, academics, innovators, larger architectural practices and other consultants have opened up a diversity of projects and opportunities.

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NSW/ACT July Branch Update

9 July 2019

The NSW/ACT Committee is in planning mode, with several new events and initiatives planned for the coming months.

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Event Recap: Client Architect Agreement Update

10 June 2019

On 5 June, the NSW/ACT Committee ran an event to discuss Version 2 of the ACA Short Form Client Architect Agreement, with author and Legal Counsel Christopher Larcos. ACA - NSW/ACT Vice President Michael Lewarne recaps the main points of the presentation.

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Event Report: LEC Seminar

8 May 2019

On 1 May, there was a great turnout at a Sydney seminar on the NSW Land and Environment Court. ACA - NSW/ACT Vice President Michael Lewarne offers a recap.

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NSW Security of Payment Act

17 December 2018

The NSW Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Amendment Bill 2018 has passed parliament.

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The Mill: Architecture + Design

12 September 2018

Learning when to say no to the wrong client, the wrong project or the wrong situation in general has been valuable for Shannon Battisson of The Mill in Canberra.

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New Building Product Ban in NSW

27 August 2018

The NSW Commissioner for Fair Trading has announced a building product ban for certain types of aluminium composite panel (ACP) cladding.

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Mid-year Update from NSW/ACT

10 August 2018

The ACA - NSW/ACT branch has planned a host of interesting events for the second half of 2018.

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The Latest News from NSW

15 May 2018

ACA - NSW/ACT has had a busy month, with several events and initiatives.

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NSW/ACT Update

19 September 2017

ACA - NSW/ACT is moving ahead on a new program of events and initiatives.

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Building Community with ACA - NSW/ACT

20 August 2017

An update from Agi Sterling, the new ACA - NSW/ACT President.

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