Congratulations Feather & Lawry Design!

8 April 2024

Congratulations to ACA member practice Feather & Lawry Design, who recently won the 2024 Client Choice Award for Best Architecture Firm <$30M. Here, the Toowoomba-based regional design team share some insights into the Client Choice process and what the national achievement means for the practice.

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Mental wellbeing and the End of Year Tender campaign

6 November 2023

The ACA is pleased to join Consult Australia’s End of Year Tender campaign, which advocates for a pause in new procurement activities over the Christmas break. Consult Australia CEO Jonathan Cartledge explains about the initiative’s genesis, aims and progress to date, and the prioritisation of mental health in the construction industry. 

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Arch_Manu Research Project – Digital Sustainability

17 October 2023

The ACA is proud to support the important work of the ARC Centre for Next-Gen Architectural Manufacturing, which aims to address the urgent needs of the AEC sector. ARC Centre Director M. Hank Haeusler takes us through the project’s goals, challenges, progress to date and future plans.

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BoSP – A Series Profile

8 May 2023

The ACA’s BoSP, or Business of Small Practice Forum, was created in Western Australia in 2018, providing the opportunity for small practice owners to meet up, listen to experts, share knowledge and learn from each other. BoSP founder Kate Fitzgerald shares her insights about the series genesis, motivations and plans for the future.

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Congratulations 8i Architects – Client Choice Awards winner 2023!

31 March 2023

Charmaine Kai, a valued member of the QLD/NT Committee and Director of 8i Architects, discusses the practice’s recent achievement – winning the Client Choice Awards Best Architecture Firm <$30M for 2023. Charmaine shares some insights on the process of collecting client feedback and what the key takeaways have been for the practice.

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Tracking the Client Experience

17 October 2022

Clients, like all people, value being listened to and afforded the opportunity of giving feedback, says Beaton Chairman George Beaton, who discusses the powerful impact of feedback on client satisfaction and professional reputation.

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Innovation, Collaboration & Training for Better Outcomes

5 March 2022

Ardex National Specification and Training Manager Joel Clough says that the current demand for improved innovation in waterproofing, and increasing collaboration with architects during the specification phase, will lead to better outcomes and ultimately help return trust to the industry.

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Ventilation, Air Quality & the Need for a National Taskforce

10 September 2021

Former Premier of Victoria and trained architect Ted Baillieu emphasises that ventilation in buildings is an urgent priority, deserving of a national taskforce to offer guidance and highlight the importance of air quality management.

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New Competencies, Building Reform & Upcoming Projects

14 July 2021

AACA CEO Kathlyn Loseby joins the organisation at an exciting time, with new competency standards to finalise and roll out, automatic mutual recognition on the way, and other new programs in development.

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PI Insurance – Past, Present & Future

12 May 2021

Planned Cover National Business Manager Cos Cirocco reflects on the evolution of PI Insurance in the building industry, the impacts of the NSW D&BP Act on the insurance market, and future changes and complexities in the industry.

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New Industrial Relations Advisory

29 November 2020

The ACA is delighted to introduce Tom Earls of Fair Work Lawyers (FWL), who will provide principal industrial relations advisory services for ACA members.

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Investment Needed in Civic Projects & Social Housing

15 July 2020

ACA - Vic/Tas President and FFPV Director Paul Viney reflects on his experiences with past and present economic downturns, the need for more government investment in civic projects and social housing, and the challenges of COVID-19 and remote working.

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Building Industry Needs Significant Cultural Change

30 August 2019

Newly appointed Victorian State Building Surveyor Andrew Cialini says it’s time for the building industry to preference public safety and quality over cost, and to implement change for the good of overall outcomes rather than self-interest.

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Is Architectural Practice Making Architects Sick?

21 May 2019

Professor Naomi Stead, Head of Architecture at Monash University, is one of the champions of a proposed new research project currently under development, Mental Wellbeing of Architects and Architecture Students: Culture, Education and the Workplace, which aims to examine links between architectural culture and identity and mental wellbeing. Here, Naomi takes a quick look at the issues.

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