COVID-19 Stage 4 Restrictions

4 August 2020

On Monday 3 August, the Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews announced Stage 4 restrictions, which apply to the Melbourne area and do impact architectural practices.

From 11.59pm Wednesday 5 August, it is not permitted for practices to operate from within their normal workplace. There is no stated restriction on individual employees operating from their place of residence. Should it not be possible for employees to operate from home and they are not on the JobKeeper program, it is permissible for employers to stand down those employees as a direct consequence of the Victorian Government’s instruction.

No statement has been issued restricting architects travelling to construction sites to undertake necessary works, as long as their presence does not exceed the total number of permitted persons on that site. Note that construction sites outside the Melbourne area are now under Stage 3 restrictions, which does not limit the number of persons on the site.

In the circumstance that a construction site to which an employee is travelling is further than 5km from an employee’s home, it is recommended that employees carry written authorisation from their employer relevant to that site and to that day. The wearing of masks, physical distancing and sanitising practices must be observed on site as they are elsewhere.

Construction sites must have in place a COVIDSafe plan by 11:59pm Friday 7th August. Remember, before going on site, please ask to see their COVIDSafe plan. Worksafe Victoria are being vigilant through the COVID-19 pandemic and have added extra inspectors. OHS is for all of us; if the site has no plan, then don’t attend.

For further information on permitted and non-permitted business operation, refer to the Department of Health and Human Services and specifically the Guide for Business – Stage 4 restrictions.