COVID & Contracts with Christopher Larcos

17 March 2022

Christopher Larcos from Moray & Agnew Lawyers discusses how COVID-19 has impacted ABIC contracts and their management, particularly COVID-related delays and material cost increases. Video now available for purchase on demand.

This CPD webinar was held on 30 March 2022.


The pandemic has led to delays and disruptions on building sites, and to increased material costs. Unfortunately, the ABIC contract has no provisions dealing with these kinds of issues. In this webinar, Christopher Larcos discusses who takes COVID risk in an ABIC contract and how the ACA Force Majeure special conditions operate to give relief to the parties to the ABIC contract. He also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of introducing rise and fall special conditions to deal with increased material costs or, as an alternative, using the prime cost sum provisions already in the contract.

Our Speaker

Christopher Larcos is a Special Counsel at Moray & Agnew Lawyers. He advises contractors, developers, architects and other professionals on various tendering, contract, security of payment, contract administration, copyright, moral rights, and claims management issues.

He also prepares bespoke contracts, and amended ABIC and Australian Standard contracts, and has extensive PPP, D&C, EPC and EPCM experience. Christopher is registered as both an architect and a solicitor, with over 20 years’ experience as a front-end projects lawyer and over 20 years’ experience as an architect.


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Participation in this 1 hour webinar will deliver 1 formal CPD point.

Learning outcomes – Following completion of this webinar, attendees will have a better understanding of the management Covid-related delays in an ABIC context and Force Majeure special conditions; and material cost increases in an ABIC context, with the case for special conditions and the use of provisional sum structures.

AACA Competencies: PC9, PC52, PC57, PC58

APBSA Core Area: Practice Management

CPD questions will be provided. Please keep your receipt, completed questions and certificate for your CPD records. A link will be provided to upload CPD answers and for issue of a CPD certificate of completion.


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