EAP Advice for Managers

12 February 2024

There’s a lot more to an Employee Assistance Program than meets the eye. ACA members who have signed up for our discounted member offer have found a wealth of resources and assistance, including an advice line for managers who need to discuss a tricky workplace issue, help an employee in trouble, or seek advice on general workplace stress.

Practice principals, managers and team leaders are key in creating and maintaining a healthy and productive work environment. The ACA EAP by Telus Health helps to provide structure and support, not only for employees who may be experiencing a difficult time, but leaders that must address potentially difficult situations.

The ACA is delighted to extend our cost-effective, affordable Employee Assistance Program for member practices at the discounted cost of just $4.80 per person per month.

See here for more information or head to our sign-up page.

EAP Resource Guide

The Telus Health EAP service offers practical solutions for team leaders dealing with challenging scenarios in the workplace. An Employee Assistance Program Resource Guide is available for general advice concerning personal and professional issues that may arise at work. This can guide managers in their first responses to a variety of scenarios, from managing workplace stress to more sensitive issues such as addressing substance abuse or domestic violence.

Personalised Advice for Managers

Advice for managers is also available through the EAP service’s Personalised Manager Consultations. These confidential, one-on-one meetings with counsellors are available 24/7 to provide managers with advice and solutions when dealing with a variety of issues in the workplace. If you feel out of your depth or would just benefit from some further advice, these consultations can support you in your response. You can explore options, brainstorm solutions and work on action plans.

Total Wellbeing Assessment

The Telus Health EAP service also offers employees a Total Wellness Assessment, which helps individuals identify their strengths and improvement opportunities in all four pillars of total wellbeing – Mental, Physical, Social and Financial. The total health score is calculated after you complete four short questionnaires. Under each pillar, there is then advice and recommendations for improvement.

A Helping Hand

There are many other resources and support services available through the Telus Health EAP. The following benefits are part of the EAP service:

  • Online resources on a variety of health and wellness topics.
  • An aid to performance management – this is not meant to replace existing internal HR performance management processes or protocols, but to provide additional support or resources.
  • Guidance on how to manage workplace stress, prevent workplace conflict and/or promote a healthy workplace.
  • Advice and expertise in areas that you may not specialise in.
  • EAP support for employees can cover a range of issues – personal wellbeing and health, relationships issues, family issues, substance abuse and addiction, and workplace challenges such as conflict, harassment, work-life balance, work-related stress and time management.