Effective Leadership with Remote Teams

Robert Peake , 6 April 2020 - Updated: 14 March 2023

Robert Peake, principal of Management for Design, offers his top tips for effective leadership with remote teams, including setting clear expectations and following through, giving trust freely, and managing achievement, not time.

There’s no mistaking that what will work best for your business with remote work will depend on the culture you have already built and the people you have around you. There isn’t a one size template for all studios but if managed appropriately this can lead to improved efficiency, wellbeing and engagement, and increased (and renewed) competitiveness in the long-term.

How do you achieve this and what’s required from the leadership team to enable and optimise the remote-working scenario? Log in below to read about common practical themes and best practices that can be applied.


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Robert Peake is a director of Management for Design, and a member of the ACA VIC/TAS Committee.