Employer Obligations for Psychosocial Safety

13 July 2023

What does psychosocial safety mean and what are the requirements for managers and businesses under new Work Health and Safety regulations? View this webinar featuring Bee Singh from Catalina Consultants, to learn more about meeting your obligations and embedding a supportive culture in your practice. Originally held 26 July 2023.


Psychological health has been part of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, however from April 2023, legislative amendments came into effect that placed a stronger obligation to manage psychosocial safety at work. These laws apply to all sizes of practice, and are relevant to business owners, directors and those with managerial responsibility. To help you better understand the requirements and actively manage this issue within your policies, procedures and practice culture, our expert speaker covers topics including the following:

  • What is the difference between psychosocial safety and psychological safety?
  • How do you define psychosocial hazards and psychosocial risks, and what are some common examples?
  • How do you manage psychosocial risks effectively?
  • What are the impacts of the new psychosocial hazard regulations?
  • What are the responsibilities of employers and employees?
  • How important is reporting?
  • What practical measures can be put in place to support positive workplace mental health?
  • What are some examples of situations that may impact mental health at work?


Bee Singh is Senior HR Advisor at Catalina Consultants and brings over 13 years of industry experience. She comes with a background in HR and business strategy, working in Australia and globally. Bee enjoys leading her clients through effective people processes and providing advice and solutions to develop the strategic direction of the business. With a business and HR degree, Bee has a solid academic foundation and a true generalist background. She has spent the last few years consulting and understands the true impact great HR initiatives and plans can have for any business.


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Learning outcomes – Following completion of this webinar, attendees will have a better understanding of psychosocial safety, obligations for businesses and managers under this new legislation and how to effectively meet WHS duties and manage psychosocial hazards and risk in practice.

AACA Competencies: Practice Management and Professional Conduct – PC1

APBSA Core Area: Practice Management

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