Events, Advocacy and Education in QLD/NT

8 September 2019

Our Qld/NT branch update includes recent events, advocacy initiatives, education research and a couple of Save the Dates.


The Qld/NT branch has been busy over the last few months, with several key events:

  • Building Community – A Powerful Way Forward – Brook Monahan, MD, Mosaic Group
  • 1 William Street Site Tour – Queensland Government’s Tower of Power
  • Winning Work – Prepare for the Future (BIM) – Panel of BIM experts/Government
  • Risky Business 2019 – PI Claims and other Contractual Risks, John Moore, Thynne McCartney
  • The Great Architectural Uprising Forum, Ralph Bailey, Guymer Bailey and Robin Fardoulys, Fardoulys Constructions
  • 2019 Award Update, Brisbane – Michael Corrigan

The stand-out event for me was the Great Architectural Uprising Forum. The purpose of this event was to start the conversation around how we as architects can regain the role of managing the procurement process. As the only licensed professionals trained to work on the design and procurement of the built environment we are well placed to act as an independent and fearless advocate for our community.

Respected architect Ralph Bailey and highly credentialled builder Robin Fardoulys discussed their views on how the roles of the architect and the builder have changed and the impacts that current procurement processes have had on the engagement of consultants and builders. They also provided insight into how we should all work together to advocate for a much stronger and independent oversight of the procurement process in light of the Shergold Weir Report. We had hoped to include a representative from the Queensland Government to better understand their procurement policies; however, we did not receive a response from them.

Our aim over the next few months is to develop a program of events around the issues raised and continue to highlight how as trained and registered professionals, architects are able to assist in arresting the decline in building quality that will continue if procurement policies and practices are not reformed.


We were recently asked to meet with the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW) to discuss the matter of architects requiring to be licensed under the QBCC, as project managers, if they are acting as superintendent on projects designed by another architect/designer.

This is something we were unaware of and probably not a common occurrence. The DHPW was canvassing comments regarding how best to manage the potential dual requirements for architects to be registered with the BOAQ as well as licensed with QBCC. The matter is still being reviewed; however, the position of the ACA is that any additional regulation or onus for architects should be contained within the BOAQ. The standards required for architects to be registered are much greater than for project managers to be licensed and consideration should be given to raising those standards for project managers.

DHPW will review all comments and prepare a recommendation to be presented at the next Ministerial Construction Committee meeting so we will keep abreast of the situation and let you know when we hear something.


An issue raised by members has been the education of students and graduates’ work readiness. The Qld/NT committee carried out research to understand the expectations of students / graduates, practices, universities and the components of the architectural courses.

To date, we have surveyed students/graduates and practices and the results are being compiled. The next step will be to meet with the Universities as a group and provide the findings which we hope will influence their courses to include more practical development of students during their studies.

Robert Wesener, President ACA – QLD/NT

How well do you know Architecture?

Due to popular demand, the ACA is organising the 2019 Trivia Night on Friday, 25 October 2019. It’s time to get your team together for the challenge to win the Architectural Deep Knowledge Award!

2 - Trivia Night

The 2018 winning team of the Architectural Deep Knowledge Award, Fulton Trotter.

Save the Date: The Digital Journey

Save the date for our next event on Friday, 18 October (12.30pm for 1–3pm), when three speakers will discuss their digital journeys, the challenges their businesses have faced and the tangible benefits technology can deliver.

Topics discussed will include:

  • The key challenges
  • How to construct a technology strategy
  • The journey to find a solution and the benefits
  • How implementing one integrated system for project information management and project accounting can improve efficiencies, collaboration and culture across your practice
  • How to prepare for digital transformation and change management
  • What you need to consider before investing in technology.

More to come as details are confirmed.

New Member Profile

ACA – QLD/NT welcomes its newest member Grant Calder Architecture and Urban Design, based on the Sunshine Coast.

Grant Calder has more than 30 years’ experience and is often involved in urban design and open space projects for local government as well as buildings. These projects often include public art, landscape design and sculptural public structures. The opportunity to be involved in these multi-disciplinary projects holds an extra fascination, to provide creative solutions for public benefit.

Flexure also designs and manufactures a range of letter boxes and is planning on developing this side of the business into a wider range of folded metal objects.

1 - Grant Calder

The Park Road Board Walk Noosa. Photo: Grant Calder Architecture and Urban Design.