Favourite Podcasts for Summer

Emma Brain , 8 December 2021

We are big fans of sharing knowledge and learning through conversation. Podcasts have continued to gain traction through COVID, and we have loved seeing new podcasts emerge through conversations between colleagues and connections across the country. Here, Emma Brain has compiled a list of some of her favourites to get stuck into once the end-of-year stress has passed.

In Detail

In Detail is presented by ACA WA Committee Member Kate Fitzgerald, Warwick Mihaly from Mihaly Slocombe and Mick Moloney from Moloney Architects. Together they go behind the scenes of creative business, offering insight into the way they handle everything from setting fees and managing clients to business growth.

What do we love? This show is honest and very funny. It’s like listening to the best office banter while learning something useful at the same time.

The In Detail team also featured in the ACA’s BoSP online event on Fees earlier in the year. If you missed it, you can still access the CPD session by demand.

Also don’t miss Part 2 of the BoSP Fees webinar on 15 December, when Kate, Warwick and Mick will run a lively Q&A session.


GIRT is the work of ACA member Monique Woodward from WOWOWA Architecture and Nic Brunsdon from NIC BRUNSDON. With Monique and Nic based on opposite sides of the country, GIRT is their way of sharing a conversation about the things that matter – design, entrepreneurship, legacy and life.

What do we love? That they look outside the architectural profession for content. Their guests include everyone from the maker of a cult nail polish brand to a spiritual healer. GIRT is the perfect companion on a long country drive.

The Architecture Firm Marketing Podcast

Dave Sharp is a remote marketing coach and strategist for architects. In the Architecture Firm Marketing Podcast, Dave takes a deep dive into the strategies behind some of Australia’s most interesting practices. He also interviews other marketing experts on topics such as copywriting, social media and media publishing.

What do we love? Dave’s interviews are a refreshing change in a world of fast communication. They’re lengthy and best enjoyed when you’ve got time to take copious notes!

Place Agency

The newest podcast on our list, Place Agency is hosted by Dr Angelique Edmonds, design educator and founder of the School of Creating Change. Each episode presents a conversation examining design’s capacity to elevate and bring about positive change.

What do we love? That the conversations pivot on three themes: social, trust and diversity. They’re 20 or so minutes long, making them easy to squeeze in during the day.