Getting Confident with Contracts

27 September 2021

informed by Planned Cover is running a two-part Contract Fundamentals webinar series covering A Practical Perspective and Industry Pro Forma Contracts. ACA members can access a 15% discount.

Managing consultancy agreements is a major challenge for consultants, especially when working with the ever-expanding contracts used on government, commercial or institutional projects. Reading and negotiating contracts takes your key team members away from other vital tasks in the early stages of a project. And yet, without that time investment, you could be left exposed to unacceptable and uninsurable contract risks. This new series of two webinars is designed to add to your everyday toolkit for managing contracts in your business. Book for one or both webinars below.

Part 1 – A Practical Perspective

Date: Tuesday, 19 October 2021
12.30pm –1.30pm AEDT

Good procedures, familiarity, and having resources to hand can all help make contracts more manageable. In this webinar, Wendy Poulton from new subsidiary company informed Lawyers Pty Ltd (ACN 635 862 145) will talk about the top five issues commonly found in consultancy agreements, and outline some useful resources, before discussing the practicalities of contract negotiation, including:

  • different approaches for different clients;
  • timing and format; and
  • the relationship between negotiation and price.

Part 2 – Industry Pro Forma Contracts

Date: Tuesday, 23 November 2021
12.30pm–1.30pm AEDT

Standards Australia has developed Australian Standard Contracts, which are widely recognised as acceptable for use on projects in construction and engineering. Pro forma contracts have also been developed by the Australian Institute of Architects and Consult Australia, amongst others, which have become accepted as industry benchmarks.

In Part 2 of this webinar series, Cordilia Thomas and Kathryn Budd, Risk Managers at informed by Planned Cover, will look at key clauses in the most commonly used of these contracts to illustrate the insurance implications and overall risk profile of each contract.


The price for both webinars is $135 or for one webinar $80.

A 15% discount for ACA members applies (see discount code below)


1 formal hour per webinar


Head to the informed website for more information or to make a booking.

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