Graduate Employability Research

24 January 2023

What skills and behaviours do you look for in your new graduates? Take the Graduate Employability Survey today to help researchers learn more about Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and its relationship to graduate employability.

Griffith University is conducting research into graduate employability – and how the university can bridge the perceived practice/graduate gap. The research team is collecting industry perspectives on employing and training students and graduates.  The questionnaire covers a list of skills, but also asks about employment practices – and what kind of behaviour you are looking for in your new graduates.

The survey will take roughly 20 minutes and the deadline is 28 February. The research outcome will be discussed in a journal article and subsequent PhD thesis. The data collected and any identifying information will be held in confidence by the research team as per the Griffith university ethics approval (GU 2022/258).


If you have any questions or wish to discuss the research further, contact Sebastian Smith or Professor Karine Dupre.