Human Resources Advisory

20 March 2023

ACA member practices are eligible for a 15-minute consultation each year with Catalina Consultants on a range of matters related to people management and workplace culture.

To access this 15-minute consultation, please fill out the form below with an overview of your enquiry, and your response will be attended to within two business days.

  • Please outline your question, providing the relevant details.
  • Please let us know which branch your practice is a member of.

About Catalina Consultants

Catalina Consultants is a full-service virtual HR team, with expert knowledge across all aspects of HR management. Established in 2012 by Principal Merilyn Speiser, Catalina was founded on the belief that all organisations should have access to the same cutting-edge HR ideas and practices as Australia’s largest companies, regardless of their size. Catalina offers companies administrative, operational and strategic support, and can tailor an HR solution that helps practices realise their strategic goals. As an HR outsourcing partner, Catalina supports and advises businesses through everyday HR issues and provides strategic advice to managers. Expert advice is available on remuneration strategies, leadership development, mentoring programs, talent acquisition and development, grievance management, position description and KPIs creation, performance management and employee incentives, policy review and development, and onboarding and exit processes of employees and contractors.