Industrial Awards

We publish regular explainers on the various Awards relevant to architectural practice – the Architects Award, the Clerks Award, the Manufacturing Award (draftspeople) and the Miscellaneous Award (interior designers).

The ACA’s dedicated IR Sub-Committee oversees our representation at the Fair Work Commission on industrial and workplace relations matters specific to the Architects Award, reviews and legislation, and ensures a consistent approach nationally with state-based application.


The Architects Award

1 July 2024

All architectural businesses must understand their obligations under the Architects Award. Here we include a short overview of the award, the ACA’s role in negotiating it, and the assistance we provide to members regarding the Award. Updated Awards are available to all ACA members.

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Changes to Miscellaneous Award

15 November 2023

The Fair Work Commission has announced that from 30 October 2023 there are changes to some of the age group descriptions in the Miscellaneous Award, which covers interior designers. If this Award is relevant to your practice, download the updated Miscellaneous Award today!

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New competencies and the Architects Award

15 November 2023

On 30 October 2023, the Fair Work Commission approved the ACA’s application to amend the Architects Award to reflect the new National Standard of Competency for Architects. See the detailed explainer from Emma Avey of Fair Work Lawyers and download the updated Architects Award today!

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Paid Family & Domestic Violence Leave Entitlements

17 November 2022

On 9 November, the Fair Work Amendment (Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave) Bill 2022 received royal assent. This legislation introduces paid family and domestic violence leave to all employees as an entitlement under the National Employment Standards. Tom Earls from Fair Work Lawyers provides the following update for ACA members.

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2020 Industrial Relations Overview

8 December 2020

As the year draws to a close, we provide a 2020 summary of the changes made to the Architects Award and other awards relevant to architectural practice.

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Clerks Award Flexibility Extended

29 March 2021

The temporary Schedule I in the Clerks Award, which allows for additional flexibility to assist employers and employees during the pandemic, has been extended to 30 June 2021.

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Clerks Award - An Explainer

31 July 2020

The various classifications of the Clerks Award can cause confusion. Tom Earls of Fair Work Lawyers clears up some common areas of conflict.

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Architects Award Changes 2020

4 May 2020

The new Architects Award 2020 document came into effect on 4 May 2020. There are notable changes to six clauses. The ACA encourages all members to ensure they understand these changes and their obligations as employers in relation to them.

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Clerks Award Flexibility

29 March 2020

The Clerks Award has been temporarily amended to enable more flexibility during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Annualised Salaries - changes to the Clerks Award

25 February 2020

Changes to the Clerks Award insert new rules about annual salaries, with changes coming into effect from the first full pay period on or after 1 March 2020.

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2018 Updates to Architects Award

12 December 2018

As the year draws to a close, we take a brief look at the changes made to the Architects Award this year.

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Flexibility - New Award Clauses

28 November 2018

New clauses in Modern Awards aim to further support flexible work. The ACA outlines what this might mean, how employers can prepare for these changes, and where to find good material to support flexible workplaces.

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Right to Request Flexible Work

28 November 2018

The Modern Awards include a new clause outlining the right to request flexible work.

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Termination of Employment Clause

29 October 2018

A new award determination requires employers to pay employees within seven days of their termination of employment.

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Converting Casual Employees to Permanent

24 September 2018

The Fair Work Commission has handed down a new determination that will impact ACA members with regular casual employees.

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ACA Provides Valuable Input to New Architects Award

16 July 2018

The ACA continues to advocate for its members as the Architects Award is reviewed by the Fair Work Commission.

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New Model Domestic Violence Leave Clause in Awards

16 April 2018

The ACA welcomes the decision of the Fair Work Commission that a model domestic violence leave clause should be inserted into modern Awards.

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Architects Award: FAQ

19 March 2018

The Architects Award sets the minimum standards and wages for the employment of architects, architectural graduates and architecture students. FAQs to help you meet your obligations.

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Draughting Employees - Which Award?

10 August 2017

Which Award are draughtspeople classified under? Michael Corrigan explains.

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Time off in Lieu - New Rules

19 March 2017

A surprise decision by the Fair Work Commission now requires employers to calculate time off in lieu (TOIL) at a rate of 1.5 hours for each hour of overtime worked for employees being paid at the Award rates.

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Students and Graduates of Architecture

30 August 2016

Provisions for students and graduates of architecture in the Architects Award and applicable pay rates.

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