Join the Chat and Get Involved

Michael Lewarne , 5 June 2019

Chat Forum creator and ACA – NSW/ACT Vice President Michael Lewarne encourages all to get online and join the Chat.

Did you know the ACA has started a Chat Forum for architects?

Did you know that the collective noun for architects is an Argument of Architects (according to Wiktionary)?

Did you know that, following the ACA Chat Forum, Wiktionary is considering changing the collective noun for architects to a Beneficence of Architects?

Did you know the most discussed topics on the Chat Forum have been around practice?

Did you know four out of five Australian architects will be on the ACA Chat Forum by the end of 2020?

Did you know that if you’re yet to join the ACA Chat Forum you’re missing out?

Did you know it’s super easy to join?


2 - ACA Chat

(Note: not all ‘facts’ above are based on actual fact.)

Michael Lewarne is the founder of the ACA Chat Forum and Vice President of ACA – NSW/ACT.
Photo: Unsplash, Robin Worrall.