The ACA advocates strongly for a healthier procurement and risk management culture in all states and territories around Australia. We work with other professional architectural organisations as well as groups in allied professions to call for better policy, fairer contracting, equitable allocations of risk, a renewed focus on quality and adequate budgets, and better researching and reporting of project outcomes. We also publish a variety of opinion pieces that relate to improved procurement processes.


The Business of Design

5 October 2019

Kerstin Thompson’s presentation for the ACA SA was a thoughtful reflection on the business of design, busting some stubborn myths about architectural practice, and emphasising the need to balance design quality with business practice excellence, financial strength, thriving people and workplace health.

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Builders and Architects Have Their Say

29 May 2019

Architects and builders talked novation at a recent roundtable discussion in South Australia, agreeing that early, meaningful collaboration and communication can only lead to better outcomes. Mario Dreosti recaps the main points of the discussion.

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Defragging Procurement

20 February 2019

Current fragmented systems for procuring and delivering complex building projects are compromising the built outcome, to the detriment of the consumer, the public and the built environment professions. Stephen Pearse argues that the building procurement process needs a complete defrag.

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Can Design Deliver Positive Economic Outcomes?

11 May 2018

Broadening the procurement process to consider the value of good design brings economic benefits to the state, argues SA Industry Advocate Ian Nightingale.

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Procurement in WA: Government as ‘model client’

25 July 2017

A joint submission to the WA Commission of Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects.

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Five Tips for Successful Novation

10 July 2017

For better or worse, it seems that novation is here to stay. So, how can consultants get the best outcomes on novated projects? Wendy Poulton of informed suggested five key factors that can lead to a better novation experience.

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Procuring Architectural Services - an Industry Discussion Paper

13 April 2017

The ACA Industry Discussion Paper on Procuring Architectural Services aims to provoke conversation and thought about the role procurement plays in the development of our cities and communities.

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Public Private Partnerships For Procurement

13 April 2015

PPP projects do not always deliver all that is claimed - and architects rarely benefit. Ann Gorey reflects on the perceived advantages, claimed benefits and actual costs of this common procurement method.

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The Gap Between Authority and Expertise - BIM and Government Procurement

12 April 2015

John Held reflects on the importance of the educated government client and architects who have a sophisticated understanding of the client organisation.

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ACIF & APCC collaborations

30 March 2014

ACIF and the APCC have a number of projects underway relating to procurement, project team integration and BIM.

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Government as Smart Client & Procurement Case Studies

13 November 2013

An excellent guide to procurement from the Office of the Victorian Government Architect.

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