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The ACA bank of CPD webinars is available for viewing any time any place. Purchase the on-demand recording when convenient for you. PDF presentations from older webinars are also available for download.

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CPD Webinars On Demand

27 February 2023

Did you miss out on a particularly interesting webinar? Are you working towards fulfilling your CPD requirements? Six years of relevant ACA CPD webinars are now available for purchase on demand.

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Website Copywriting Fundamentals

5 October 2022

Words matter! Just like every line on a drawing matters, so does every word of your website. Watch this presentation by copywriter and marketing strategist Nikita Morell on website copywriting fundamentals.

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Stepping up on Supporting the Careers of Others

4 October 2022

How can we best support the careers of others? What are the specific roles and responsibilities of leaders? This Stepping Up session looks at sponsorship and strategies for advocating for others. Watch this discussion with Jess Murphy, convenor of the Champions of Change Architecture Group, Ramin Jahromi of Cox and Karen Le Provost of Scott Carver.

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Defining the Brief & Scope

31 August 2022

Prioritising a well-written client’s brief and architect’s scope of services is critical. Watch Wendy Poulton present this informative CPD webinar, focusing on the importance of a clear brief and scope when engaging in architectural consultancy and common pitfalls to avoid.

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How to Maintain Sustainable Fees in Practice

31 August 2022

How do clients weigh up quality, service and price? What strategies and tools can be put to work to support sustainable fee levels in practice? Watch our expert panel deliver a timely CPD webinar on the all-important topic of fees.

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On Career Development

24 August 2022

The Stepping Up session on Career Development looks at planning and progression, with a focus on tools to support transparent manageable, inclusive processes within architectural practices. Watch this considered discussion with David Randerson of DKO, Thihoa Gill of Grimshaw and Brian Clohessy of BVN, and hosts Angelina Pillai and Justine Clark.

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On Harassment

20 July 2022

The Stepping Up on Harassment session focuses on sexual harassment, bullying and family and domestic violence. These are challenging topics, but ones we must engage with in meaningful, sensitive and robust ways. Watch this considered discussion with Adam Haddow of SJB, Tara Keast of DesignInc and Gosha Haley of Grimshaw.

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Risky Business 2022

6 July 2022

Watch our expert speakers, John Moore from Thynne + Macartney and Karen Meiklejohn from Planned Cover, discuss current legal and insurance issues and their practical application to architectural practices.

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On Mentoring

20 June 2022

Watch the Stepping Up session on the what, why and how of mentoring, with speakers Ben Green of Em Be Ce, Erin Collins of Hayball and Gemma McDonald of DKO, and hosts Angelina Pillai, Monica Edwards and Justine Clark. The recording includes bonus footage from the conversation after the session closed.

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ACA Professional Subconsultants Agreement

6 June 2022

Watch expert speakers from MinterEllison and Planned Cover discuss the updated ACA Professional Services Subcontract. Learn more about the key issues and managing risk when engaging professional subconsultants.

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On Parental Leave

23 May 2022

Watch Stepping Up on Parental Leave, a frank and useful conversation with Philip Vivian of Bates Smart, Zoë King of Cox and Richard Sucksmith of John Wardle Architects – includes bonus footage from the conversation after the event.

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ACA National Salary Survey CPD Webinar 2022

17 May 2022

What are current pay rates in the industry? What are the trends for 2022 and how have salaries changed? Watch our CPD webinar on the results of our National Salary Survey 2022.

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How does your practice compare?

9 May 2022

Watch a CPD webinar examining the results of the 2022 Deltek Clarity Architecture and Engineering survey with guest speakers Megan Miller and Matthew Tence. Understand the current state of the industry in the Asia Pacific and learn about critical benchmarks to help you succeed and stand out against the competition.

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On Flexibility

26 April 2022

Watch the recording of Stepping Up on Flexibility – a lively and open conversation with John Prentice of Woods Bagot, Dave Tordoff of Hayball and Emily Wombwell of SJB, in conversation with the ACA’s Angelina Pillai and Parlour’s Justine Clark. Also, there’s bonus footage from the conversation after the event.

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Listening, Learning & Leadership

22 March 2022

Watch the video recording of the first event in the Stepping Up series on Listening, Learning & Leadership. We start at the top – what are the roles and obligations of practice leaders? What does it mean to step up on equity?

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Workplace Trends CPD Webinar

17 March 2022

Watch Tom Earls from Fair Work Lawyers and Merilyn Speiser from Catalina Consultants as they present current Industrial Relations and Human Resources trends in practice. Available for purchase on demand (with attached CPD).

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COVID & Contracts with Christopher Larcos

17 March 2022

Christopher Larcos from Moray & Agnew Lawyers discusses how COVID-19 has impacted ABIC contracts and their management, particularly COVID-related delays and material cost increases. Video now available for purchase on demand.

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Specification Writing

18 May 2022

Did you miss our recent Specification seminar? The ACA has developed a two-part seminar on ‘how to write specifications’ in conjunction with Greg Blain. It’s a critical skill for architectural practices. Now available for a discounted price as CPD On Demand.

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BoSP – Fees Part 2

19 February 2022

Part Two of the BoSP CPD online session on Fees continues the discussion with In Detail podcast members Kate Fitzgerald, Warwick Mihaly and Mick Moloney with a Q&A session.

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Cyber Security and Managing Risk

19 November 2021

What makes you a target, what can happen when cyber security is breached and what preventative measures can you take? Watch FooForce Managing Director Frances Russell deliver a timely presentation on cyber security in architecture. 

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Retaining Architecture Talent

11 November 2021

Finding and keeping the right people in architecture practice is a constant challenge, but particularly so in the current climate. Watch Scott Huston and Tara Keast from DesignInc Sydney deliver an in-depth presentation about best practices for managing talent.

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PI Insurance & Risk Mitigation

10 November 2021

In late 2021 it was timely to revisit the important topic of PI insurance, with a focus on current and future trends, cladding exclusions, compliance risks and rectification. Watch legal and insurance experts from Planned Cover and MinterEllison deliver this formal CPD presentation today.

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Spotlight on Novation

10 October 2021

Why does novation happen and when? How does it change the architect’s role? What are the common risks? How can you mitigate them? Watch our informative CPD webinar on novation with Wendy Poulton from informed Lawyers. 

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Business of Small Practice – Fee Talk

2 September 2021

The BoSP CPD online session on Fees features In Detail podcast members Kate Fitzgerald, Warwick Mihaly and Mick Moloney. This popular discussion is now for purchase on demand. 

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Waterproofing Specification Webinar

1 September 2021

Watch our Waterproofing Specification webinar with James Muir from Ardex to learn more about the critical area of waterproofing, its specification, and changes in the industry.

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IR Update – Free for ACA members!

31 August 2021

Watch our latest Industrial Relations webinar with legal advisor Tom Earls, who takes us through the new casual employment regime. Free for ACA members. This popular discussion is now available on demand.

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NSW D&BP Act, part 1 – The Architect’s Perspective

23 August 2021

The first of a five-part CPD series on the NSW Design & Building Practitioners Act (DBP Act) features an information session by special counsel Christopher Larcos of Moray & Agnew Lawyers. The presentation sets out key issues as they apply to architects.

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NSW D&BP Act, part 3 – Consequences of the Act

8 August 2021

The third of a five-part CPD series on the NSW Design & Building Practitioners Act (DBP Act) features an information session by Paul Viney on the consequences of the Act in relation to regulated design requirements and the provision of architectural services.

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NSW D&BP Act, part 4 – Insurance Implications

6 August 2021

Number four in a five-part CPD series on the NSW Design & Building Practitioners Act (DBP Act) features Simon Gray and Carina Bogaard from Planned Cover discussing the insurance implications of the bill.

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Risky Business 2021

11 July 2021

The popular annual Risky Business webinar, held in July 2021, featured expert speakers offering legal, insurance and practitioner insights on how to actively manage risk in practice.

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Benchmark your Practice

31 May 2021

Part self-diagnosis, part interactive, this CPD webinar will help you answer one big question – how should you grow your architecture practice this year? Listen in for insights into industry trends and critical benchmarks to help you succeed and stand out against the competition. Free for ACA members.

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Reconciliation Action Plans

24 May 2021

What is a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), why are they so important and how do you create one? Listen in to this panel discussion from the ACA and TheFulcrum.Agency to learn more about RAPs, including insights from other practices and what you can do to participate in the program. 

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Balancing Flexibility with Business

22 April 2021

Join the ACA and speakers Fiona Martin and Alec Tzannes on Wednesday 5 May for a very timely lunchtime webinar on balancing flexibility and hybrid ways of working with the needs of business.

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Industrial Relations Webinar – Free to ACA members

8 February 2021

In early 2021, the ACA’s new industrial advisor, Tom Earls from Fair Work Lawyers, presented a very timely IR Update. This CPD webinar is now available for purchase on demand (free for ACA members).

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Culture in Architectural Practice

4 October 2020

What does culture really mean and how do we ensure it is front and centre in our practices? HR experts Rhonda Brighton-Hall and James Hancock discuss the importance of culture in architectural practice.

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Cost Planning & Negotiation

30 September 2020

Listen in to our expert speakers giving an introduction into the complexities of Cost Planning and Negotiation and the crucial role these sometimes overlooked skills can play for the success of your practice.

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The Future Workplace

11 September 2020

How will the global pandemic change the workplaces of the future? Listen in to this panel discussion to explore where we go from here.

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Cyber Security webinar

2 September 2020

Join the ACA and speakers from NexSys IT, Cythera and Planned Cover to learn more about how you can take control of your cyber security in 2020. Rescheduled event. On Demand Purchase available.

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Risky Business 2020

9 July 2020

The 2020 Risky Business webinar covers common legal issues for architectural practices, with lawyer John Moore and Planned Cover manager Karen Meiklejohn.

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