Five adjustments that help me succeed at work

10 April 2024

Small, cost-free workplace adjustments can make an enormous difference to staff with invisible disabilities, with a flow-on effect for everyone in the business. Ainsley Ryan shares some of the adjustments she has requested and implemented at work to ensure she can thrive in the workplace.

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Understanding career planning and why it matters

12 October 2022

Career planning within practices helps them plan for the future, identify opportunities for training, development and mentoring, and develop areas of collective knowledge and expertise. It helps individuals to understand their role within a team and to better articulate their skills, value and ambitions. All together this helps create a stable workplace that people can feel confident within.

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How to support career sponsorship

10 October 2022

Workplaces that support best-practice career sponsorship are collaborative, collegial and inclusive. They have cultures that share knowledge and work to enhance the careers of all as a collective endeavour. So, what are the characteristics of such a workplace, and how can they be achieved?

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What is career sponsorship and why does it matter?

10 October 2022

How can we best use our power and influence to enhance and accelerate the careers of others? Sponsorship provides a framework for collaborative career development that, when done well, supports concrete outcomes and direct advancement, and improves workplace culture.

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Role Descriptions & Competency Map

15 September 2022

The Champions of Change Architecture Group has developed the Role Descriptions Tool and Competency Map to support architectural practices in developing a transparent system of career development within their practice. This creates a clear visual guide of many skills required in our industry and the expected competencies for various career stages.

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How to create a good parental leave policy

6 June 2022

A good Parental Leave Policy is essential to creating a workplace culture and policy environment that supports parents at all stages. This helps ensure that raising a family doesn’t derail or devalue the career of a talented and valued individual, while also enabling the practice to accrue long-term benefits from investing in staff training and development. This article offers an approach to developing and implementing a parental leave policy. 

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What is parental leave and why does it matter?

6 June 2022

Parental leave is much more than a short-term leave entitlement for working mothers. Good parental leave policies are applicable to all, helping everyone to lead a balanced life, with time for families, and time to commit to projects, practice life and career. The following article outlines the benefits and challenges of good parental leave policies, and some recommended strategies to implement before, during and after leave.

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Listening and Learning – How it works

4 April 2022

Monica Edwards summarises the process, objectives and outcomes of the Listening and Learning sessions, developed by the Champions of Change Coalition.

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Listening, Learning and Leading

4 April 2022

Listening and Learning is fundamental to the Champions of Change Coalition approach. Monica Edwards outlines the four-step process, describing it in relation to design processes.

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Architects Champions of Change

21 March 2022

Monica Edwards and Shaun Carter were instrumental in getting the Champions of Change Architecture Group going and remain highly involved. They discuss the Champions’ origins, achievements and challenges, and plans for the future.

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Stepping Up!

29 April 2023

The ACA is delighted to continue the Stepping Up series for 2023, a collaborative event and editorial series with Parlour and the Architecture Group of the Champions of Change. See CPD offerings from 2022 and the full event calendar for 2023.

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Pay Equity: Resources & Reading

9 July 2019

The issue of pay equity has been on the agenda for Australian governments and business for decades, but pay disparities remain a persistent problem in many workplaces.

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How to Achieve Pay Equity

27 June 2019

Compare and contrast pay rates and don’t misread confidence for competence, advises Cassandra Keller.

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Tips for Maternity Leave

4 December 2018

Sarah Lebner reviews her experience of preparing for maternity leave while balancing her responsibilities as a principal architect.

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Parlour Research and Data Analysis

12 November 2018

New data analysis by Parlour's Gill Matthewson shows that we've seen some improvement in the stats for women architects, particularly registration and business ownership, but the gender pay gap persists and it's clear there is still much work to be done.

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The Ultimate Return to Work

14 March 2018

Providing support and easing the transition for an employee returning to work makes good business sense, argues Jennekin Dicks.

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The powerful impact of part-time work

18 August 2017

Part-time employment can have enormous benefits - to employers and employees, but also to the creative process, argues Madeline Sewall.

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Go Hard or Go Home!

20 March 2017

Lee Hillam reflects on the long-hours culture in architecture.

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Wanted: More women at the top

8 March 2017

Women make great leaders, but a seat at the top table is often elusive. Emma Williamson explores the obstacles women face on the road to the top.

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EOFY: Remuneration resolutions

4 July 2016

Leone Lorrimer offers a series of resolutions to help ensure that architectural practices provide fair and equitable remuneration, and a set of resources to support them.

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Champions of Change

15 April 2015

Sydney-based representatives from top Australian architecture practices have signed up for the first Male Champions of Change program in architecture. Leone Lorrimer reports on the launch event, the initiative, and what it means for Australian architecture.

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Supporting Registration

10 November 2014

Recent research on registration has identified concerns about the way the process impacts negatively on women - and thereby on practice more broadly. What can the ACA and architectural practices do to help improve things?

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Supporting Working Parents

5 August 2014

What does the recent Human Rights Commission report mean for architectural businesses?

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Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice

13 May 2014

The Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice aim to help Australian architecture move towards a more equitable profession; one that offers opportunity for all and is better positioned to meet contemporary challenges.

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Pay equity

30 January 2014

Equal Pay Day draws attention to the pay disparity between men and women. We list some resources to help you ensure this is not an issue in your practice.

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