Sexual Harassment Reforms – What They Mean For Employers

6 March 2023

Recent anti-discrimination and Fair Work amendment legislation has introduced a number of important legislative changes specifically targeting sexual harassment in the workplace. Tom Earls from Fair Work Lawyers provides a recap of the changes and their implications for employers.

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New Workplace Laws – Sexual Harassment

1 March 2023

New federal legislation has strengthened workplace laws around sexual harassment. From 6 March, the prohibition of sexual harassment in the workplace is enshrined in the Fair Work Act, and there is now a positive duty on employers to prevent workplace sexual harassment, sex discrimination and victimisation. Here we highlight some relevant ACA resources.

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How to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

9 August 2022

There is substantial and compelling evidence that current legalistic responses to sexual harassment in the workplace are not effective in combating the problem and, in some cases, may exacerbate it. A new approach is required, one based in transparency, respect and cultural change. The Disrupting the System report provides the framework for this change.

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Understanding Bullying & Harassment

9 August 2022

Sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace is unacceptable and can be unlawful under anti-discrimination, equal employment opportunity, workplace relations and human rights laws. The first steps in ensuring our workplaces are safe places is to understand what bullying and harassment looks like, to recognise the cultures that enable it, and to understand the costs to individuals and practices.

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Disrupting the System – addressing sexual harassment

27 July 2022

‘Disrupting the System: Preventing and responding to workplace sexual harassment’, a report from the Champions of Change Coalition, aims to shift the way we understand and respond to sexual harassment. The document provides a comprehensive practical guide for organisations and workplaces.

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On Harassment

20 July 2022

The Stepping Up on Harassment session focuses on sexual harassment, bullying and family and domestic violence. These are challenging topics, but ones we must engage with in meaningful, sensitive and robust ways. Watch this considered discussion with Adam Haddow of SJB, Tara Keast of DesignInc and Gosha Haley of Grimshaw.

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Report Identifies Widespread Sexual Harassment

21 September 2018

The Australian Human Rights Commission has released the findings of its national survey on sexual harassment in Australian workplaces.

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Managing the Risk of Sexual Harassment

16 July 2018

Implementing policies and staff training around harassment are important, but enforcement is crucial. Employers must be prepared to take direct action when required, advises employment law specialist Elizabeth Radley.

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Insurance and Sexual Harassment Claims

11 June 2018

Special Counsel Sarah Wood outlines the insurance implications of sexual harassment claims, and suggests risk mitigation strategies for architectural practices.

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Stopping Harassment in its Tracks

15 December 2017

How does your practice address sexual harassment at work? Merilyn Speiser from Catalina Consultants offers a 10-step approach to keep your business harassment-free.

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