Why Practices Should Conduct Retention Interviews

24 January 2023

In 2023, talent attraction and retention promise to be ongoing challenges for Australian architecture. So, how do you hold on to the amazing talent you’ve got? Deltek outlines the benefits of conducting regular staff retention interviews and offers tips on how to conduct them.

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Measuring Employee Engagement

8 November 2022

Employee engagement surveys are becoming one of the most important leadership tools, having positive impacts on internal communication, problem solving and staff retention.

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Architecture Talent Roundup – FY 21/22

20 July 2022

Our wonderful sponsor, Anna Roussos from Roussos Recruitment, offers a roundup of the Adelaide architectural employment market – a market with a challenging talent shortfall and an industry that is likely to remain buoyant in 2022.

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Trends & Challenges in Practice

24 June 2022

Architecture and engineering firms across the Asia Pacific describe the business challenges they are currently facing and how they are planning to overcome them.

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Securing Talent in 2021

11 November 2021

This year has been one of the toughest periods for sourcing talent in the Australian construction industry. Recruitment specialist Anna Roussos offers some timely tips for attracting and securing candidates.

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How to Hire, Fire & Manage Employees

7 August 2019

Recruiting the right people and then managing them well is essential to the success of your practice. Merilyn Speiser offers a guide to getting the HR fundamentals right.

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Implementing a New HR Policy

27 June 2019

How do you build a strong HR policy without impacting on the culture of your practice? Merilyn Speiser provides a brief guide on implementing change as seamlessly as possible.

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The Ultimate Return to Work

14 March 2018

Providing support and easing the transition for an employee returning to work makes good business sense, argues Jennekin Dicks.

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Managing for Happiness

14 June 2016

Nurturing a company culture of opportunity and challenge, support and appreciation is not just about giving you a warm fuzzy feeling - it can increase your bottom line. Rena Klein makes the case.

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Attracting and retaining great employees

17 May 2016

Competition for good architectural staff is keen across much of Australia at the moment. Salaries matter, but as Krista Shearer from Bespoke points out, there are other things your practice can do to attract and retain good people - and people rarely move for salary alone.

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A Guide to Managing Performance

6 March 2015

Retaining high performing employees and managing performance have major business benefits. Peta Tumpey and Katie Simon of TressCox Lawyers provide a guide.

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Why HR Policy Matters

12 May 2014

With the release of the new ACA HR Policy Templates, we outline the benefits of having policy in place for practices of all sizes.

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Guide to Hiring New Employees

31 March 2014

A new guide for small business from the Fair Work Ombudsman.

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Performance reviews

9 September 2013

How do you make performance reviews productive for both the business and the employee?

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