Sponsorship – The Last Mile

4 September 2023

Welcome to The Last Mile, a new podcast featuring interviews with six women about their pathway to ownership, the people who sponsored them to cover the last mile, and their own sponsorship practices. This initiative was developed by the Sponsorship Action Group from the Champions of Change Architecture Group.

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Making Space for Leadership

28 March 2023

Delegate, listen, be transparent, give feedback, step back and gain perspective, ACA NSW/ACT Committee member Michael Lewarne explores what good leadership might look like in practice.

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How to be a Good Leader

28 June 2022

Improving culture within architectural offices starts at the top, but everyone has a role to play. This article offers ten tips to become a better leader, and features a downloadable poster and toolkit for your practice.

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Leadership Toolkit

20 June 2022

The Champions of Change Leadership Toolkit proposes 10 Tips for all to consider about good leadership, with the ultimate goal of improving culture within architectural offices. Hamish Ginn from SJB takes us through the background, motivations and use of the toolkit.

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Listening and Learning – How it works

4 April 2022

Monica Edwards summarises the process, objectives and outcomes of the Listening and Learning sessions, developed by the Champions of Change Coalition.

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Listening, Learning and Leading

4 April 2022

Listening and Learning is fundamental to the Champions of Change Coalition approach. Monica Edwards outlines the four-step process, describing it in relation to design processes.

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Architecture & Unbuilt Legacy

30 April 2021

Michael Lewarne challenges architects to reflect on the legacy they want to leave.

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Enhancing Management and Leadership

29 April 2021

Parlour’s Work & Wellbeing survey increases understanding of the impacts of the pandemic on Australian architecture. What are the opportunities to improve and change leadership and management in the profession? What might that mean for practices? Anwyn Hocking unpacks the answers to the open questions.

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Leadership for Architects: 101

28 May 2020

Peter Raisbeck explores how ethical leadership and decision making are crucial in these uncertain times.

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Effective Leadership with Remote Teams

14 March 2023

Robert Peake, principal of Management for Design, offers his top tips for effective leadership with remote teams, including setting clear expectations and following through, giving trust freely, and managing achievement, not time.

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Rethinking Culture, Communication and Boundaries

5 November 2018

Michael Lewarne offers prognostications and provocations about cultural change and leadership in the architecture profession.

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Successful Leadership Succession

16 January 2023

How do you develop a clear, effective process for succession in your practice? In this member-only resource, Robert Peake outlines the key issues and strategies around planning for succession, and warns of problems you may encounter.

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Making Strategy Happen

5 November 2014

Does your practice have an effective strategic plan? Robert Peake, of Management for Design, outlines the importance of strategy, and suggests some ways to get started.

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