Launching the ACA Architects' Time/Cost Calculation Guide

9 February 2015

The ACA is delighted to announce the launch of the Architects’ Time/Cost Calculation Guide.

Understanding the time, costs and resources associated with completing a project is vital to the business viability of every architectural practice. This is particularly important in competitive fee environments. Yet many practices struggle to accurately determine these factors when developing budgets and fee proposals.

The ACA is leading the way with a new member resource. The Architects’ Time/Cost Calculation Guide is designed to help architects make better decisions about the time and resources required to provide appropriate levels of service.

The ACA believes that if architects are better informed about real costs involved in projects, they will be in a better position to negotiate fees that represent adequate time and resources to complete commissions to an appropriate standard.

This will help ensure the economic viability of their businesses, but it will also be to the advantage of clients and building users. There is clear evidence that adequate fees lead to better built outcomes, with reduce time and costs during the construction phase and ongoing ‘whole-of-life’ cost savings.

The Architects’ Time/Cost Calculation Guide is an ACA member resource, and is available free to all members. Find out more about the Guide here.

Launch Seminars

The Architects’ Time/Cost Calculation Guide was been launched on a state-by-state basis during March, with member seminars by Paul Viney to introduce members to the Guide and demonstrate how to use it.