Leadership Change at the AACA

27 October 2020

Kate Doyle will step down as CEO of the AACA in March 2021 after six years in the role. The ACA has greatly valued her contribution and wishes her well in her future endeavours.

Prior to her role as CEO for the AACA, Kate spent ten years as the Registrar for the NSW Architects Registration Board. During Kate’s stewardship, all assessment programs on the path to registration have been reviewed and updated in line with best practice; agreements to facilitate professional mobility of architects between Australia and Canada and Australia and the USA have been developed, and similar agreements with the UK are also being negotiated.

Over the last few years, AACA has published a range of research and reports about the architectural profession that are recognised as primary sources by industry stakeholders – including Architectural Education and the Profession (2019), the first research project in this space involving all industry stakeholders.

Kate is stepping down in March 2021 at the completion of the review of theNational Standard of Competency for Architects, a critical project as the Standard is the benchmark for registration as an architect in Australia.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kate for her dedicated efforts in ensuring collegiality, professionalism and industry engagement were at the forefront of a nationally consistent approach to architects’ registration,” says ACA CEO Angelina Pillai. “I am delighted to have had the pleasure to work with Kate and I know her legacy will continue to be realised across the architecture profession for years to come. On behalf of the ACA, thank you and all the best, Kate.”

The AACA has commenced a recruitment campaign for the new CEO working with Six Degrees Executive. For more information, contact Nick Hindhaugh.