Learning Environment Opportunity Studies - an update

14 November 2017

Are you prepared for the Building Better School program? Join ACA – SA at a roundtable discussion on the Learning Environment Opportunity Study (LEOS) to learn from those who have already used the process.

Last year ACA – SA and DECD devised a format for school planning called the Learning Environment Opportunity Study. The structure of the study was designed to get schools to look at their own learning environments and come up with strategies to improve them – ranging from small, student-led projects to large redevelopments.

The first stage of the Building Better Schools program will use a modified version of the LEOS study as its structure for the first phase. We thought it would therefore be useful to hear from architects who have completed LEOS studies about the process. We are therefore organising a Roundtable in association with the AIA to hear how the first studies went and ideas for changes and improvements.


Sarah Paddick, Totalspace Design

Sophie Newland, Flightpath

Simon Frost, Greenways


4.30–6.00pm, Thursday 23 November, 2017


Australian Institute of Architects SA Offices
L2 Aston House, 15 Leigh St Adelaide


Sascha Byrne, sa@aca.org.au