Marketing Trends 2024

13 February 2024

Amy Edwards and the Markedly team have analysed what’s happening in the marketplace and pinpointed the top 10 trends that are leading the way for marketing in 2024. Here we provide a summary and a link to the full report.

1. Personal over Polished

Whether it’s short-form videos on Instagram Reels or long-form videos on YouTube, this year will be all about organic content that is personal, raw and authentic.

Forget about perfect lighting or flawless delivery and focus on authenticity instead. Let your audience get to know you and experience the personality behind your brand.

This will help you increase your reach and engagement, so don’t be afraid to show that imperfect side of your brand.

2. Use AI as a Tool, not a Solution

If we could sum up 2023 in a few words, it would be the year of artificial intelligence. From ChatGPT to DALL-E, AI exploded last year and drastically impacted the way we think and approach our work. However, the resounding lesson is clear: AI is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

While its potential is impressive (more on that next), it doesn’t replace you, your brain, or your creativity. At this stage, it still demands substantial guidance, editing and refining to produce content that sounds like you and not every other ChatGPT user on the internet. See the full report for a list of practical applications.

3. Forget about Vanity Metrics

I know this is easier said than done, but we need to stop placing so much emphasis on followers, likes and comments!

When we’re sharing content, it’s easy to get wrapped up in vanity metrics and lose sight of our business goals. The problem with focusing on superficial metrics is that it can lead to frustration and a sense of stagnation when our perceived marketing success doesn’t translate into any real sales or customers. Or, worse: we end up discouraged and wanting to stop posting altogether once a post flops.

4. Prioritise Genuine Connection, Always!

If you want to get any traction online, you will need to start prioritising value-driven content that fuels connection.

When you establish a genuine connection with your audience, they become actively engaged. They open your emails eagerly, read your blogs attentively, and share your posts on their Instagram Stories. They become your biggest fan.

5. Say Goodbye to the Perfect Instagram Grid

Whether you’re a fan of the checkerboard effect or a specific colour combo, understand this: trying to achieve the curated Instagram grid might be holding you back. And in 2024, we’re ditching anything that dampens our spontaneity and stops us from posting freely.


6. Market to your Customers, not your Peers

Online competition is fierce, so we need to ensure that every single piece of content we share is tailored to our target audience. If your paying customer isn’t an architect or designer, don’t make your marketing content for them. You might be disappointed when you do, and no leads come your way.

Find that sweet spot where you share your expertise in a way that builds your brand and also makes sense to your audience. It’s all about finding the right balance.

7. A Strong Customer Experience is Worth Millions

Usually, there are many opportunities for you to improve your customer experience, and it starts with thoughtfulness.

You could send a special welcome gift to each new client when they sign up. Or think about the key milestones of a project for the client and celebrate them – it doesn’t have to be big!

8. Move Beyond Surface Level

With the onset of ChatGPT and other AI tools, you’ll start to notice plenty of generic, bland content popping up online.

If you want your content to stand out this year, you’re going to need to dig a bit deeper and make your content personal. See the full report for examples. 

9. Expertise and Authority will Build Trust

If there’s one marketing must-do to focus on in 2024, make it building trust with your audience. Trust is the key factor that will make your audience eager to collaborate with you. It’s the assurance that you’re the right person for the job, committed to their happiness and investment, and dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

The simplest route to building trust is by becoming an expert in your specific niche. Aim to be the go-to authority in your field, so when clients approach you, they’re already convinced that working with you is the right choice.

Yes, it might require more effort. Yes, it takes time. However, in the long run, this investment in building trust will yield substantial returns.

10. The Best Return on Investment is from Email Newsletters

Over the last year, you may have noticed an increase in the amount of newsletters circulating online. That’s for good reason. Email newsletters allow you to directly reach your audience without relying on unpredictable algorithms.

Plus, when done right, they can demand less time than social media. You can opt for a monthly newsletter, or even a quarterly one if you prefer. Whichever you choose, make sure you can commit to it!


Download the full report from the Markedly website!

Amy Edwards is the Founder of Markedly, a marketing consultancy exclusive to architects, designers and creatives. Amy’s mission is to help architects and designers feel empowered to be seen and share their work with the world. With 16 years’ experience in branding, marketing and communications for national and international brands, Amy has spent the last 14+ years working with architecture and interior design practices to develop their brand and market their work.

Photos: Alanna McTiernan