May News from SA

John Held , 11 May 2017

ACA – SA is forging ahead with advocacy around the procrement of STEM works and proposed changes to government contracts.

ACA Lunch 24 May

You will have received a reminder to book for our first lunch for 2017 on 24 May at the Mayfair Hotel, with a visit to SA from the ACA’s industrial advisor, Michael Corrigan. This will be a lunch to which non-members are also invited. The current Architects Award is under review by the Fair Work Commission, and all employers must be aware of their obligations under the award – we believe most employers would be surprised at the range of industrial and award issues which Michael has to solve for ACA members. Book online here, or contact Sascha at

It’s a timely reminder that ACA offers free 15-minute consultations with Michael on these issues.  If you have a particular question, ring the ACA office on 1300 653 026 to arrange a consultation.

Government Procurement and the Stem Works Program

We have sent the results of our survey to STEM participant architects – it seems things are still in flux!  The Institute’s initiatives around local procurement also seem to have been moving very slowly. Read the survey write-up here.

It’s interesting to note that at least for the survey respondents work seems to have picked up, with 72% noting they were busier than this time last year, and 24% about the same level of activity.

Changes to DPTI’s AS4122 -2010

Last year the ACA, together with the Institute and Consult Australia, had a number of discussions with DPTI regarding proposed changes to the AS 4122 contract used for procurement of consultants. We are meeting again this week to discuss further, to ensure that the contract remains as standard as possible whilst acknowledging DPTI’s specific requirements.

John Held is President of ACA – SA and Director of Russell & Yelland.