Measuring Up

18 May 2016

Measuring Up: Innovation and the Value Add of Architecture – a new report aims to explore new futures for architecture and new ways of measuring the contribition already made by the industry.

A new report commissioned by the NSW Architects Registration Board aims to examine “the areas where architects add value to the economy beyond typical construction sector analysis” and to define “where value lies in the work of architects beyond the bricks-and-mortar value of the construction industry.”

It argues that Australian architectural services are underreported by 15%, and that “more than AUD$1billion (15.43% of industry revenue) is not accounted for in the sector when areas of technology development, business development, cultural contribution and education are considered.”

The report is organised into three major sections.

Part one looks architecture’s economic contribution. It outline the current context, explores an expanded understanding of architecture’s economic contribution and discusses the “innovation framework” in Australia.

Part two explores new ways to measure the value add of architecture. Four themes are explores through a set of 12 case studies. Themes include technology, new businesses and business systems, architecture’s cultural contribution and architectural education and research.

Part three briefly raises the idea of locating architecture within the ‘innovation economy’ and suggests that understanding, valuing and developing architecture as an expanded practice, including new technology and business development, offers substantial opportunity for new-to-market innovation.

The full report can be downloaded from the NSW ARB website.