The ACA helps architectural businesses of all sizes and types to operate efficiently and productively. We provide timely information, promote debate, support better business and employment practices and advocate for the profession. Running an architectural business can be invigorating, challenging and sometimes isolating. The ACA helps you connect with others and share experience and expertise.

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How can the ACA help YOU?

As your practice evolves, so do your business needs. Whether you are a new and emerging practice or one that is transitioning out of business, the ACA can support through bespoke offerings that are integral to your architectural practice at any stage of the life cycle.

ACA offers services and support under four key areas:

The ACA leads the discussion:

  • Engaging with key thinkers to identify and address business issues and trends affecting architectural practices.
  • We undertake our own research – including the Pulse Checks and ACA National Salary Survey – and connect you with relevant research elsewhere.
  • We run a dedicated national program for the Business of Small Practice, which is a forum designed to lead the discussion building the business capabilities of emerging and small practices.
  • We are leading the development of an Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum (AMWF) in Australia, to create a supportive community of practitioners in each state to discuss and share knowledge, experiences, research and strategies in a bid to support architects’ mental health in the workplace.

The ACA keeps you up to date:

  • Members are kept up-to-date on all of the above via this website, regular email and social media updates, and timely Business Alerts.
  • Opportunities to meet, learn and discuss issues with others running architectural businesses via branch seminars, events and roundtables.
  • Regular branch events, ACA CPD Webinars, and other continuing professional development programs provide information and an opportunity to meet members and share experiences.


The ACA is a designated Employer Organisation under the Fair Work Commission and is responsible for negotiating the Architects Award.

The ACA advocates for the profession through:

  • Regular consultation with all levels of government.
  • Public statements and press releases on the issues that matter.
  • Representing the architectural industry on key peak bodies.
  • Collaborating with other key industry organisations to advocate on major initiatives and issues affecting the practice of architecture.
  • Providing the tools to help change poor business habits that devalue our profession.


The ACA Business Toolbox provides resources and tools to assist your business:

  • ACA Architects’ Time/Cost Calculator
  • ACA Secondment Agreement
  • ACA Salary Calculator
  • Model employment agreements
  • Model HR Policies
  • Safe Design Proforma
  • Professional Services Subcontract
  • Site Inspection Roof Access Checklist
  • ACIF Australian Construction Market Report, normally priced at $385 per copy, free for members!

And much, much more. in addition, the ACA provides timely updates on business legislation, procurement issues and many other matters effecting the business of architecture.


The ACA supports practices to be fair and ethical employers:

  • Architecture Award negotiations on behalf of architectural employers
  • Assistance and advice on employment and industrial issues

Advisory services:

  • Industrial Relations Advisory: 15 minutes’ free consultation to members on industrial relations and employment matters by Fair Work Lawyers
  • Legal Advisory: 20 minutes’ free legal advice from a senior member of the Moray and Agnew team
  • Business Advisory: Email advisory service on financial and business management support from Management for Design
  • HR Advisory: 15 minutes free consultation with Catalina Consultants


Eligibility & Fees

The ACA acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters of Australia.