Member logos

The ACA is pleased to provide ACA logos for members use.

The logos are for the exclusive use of current ACA members. They are available in three different configurations to suit different situations.

We encourage members to use the ACA member logo on their websites and stationery to publicise the practice’s membership of ACA.

ACA member logo guidelines

The ACA member logo must be used in accordance with the following guidelines.

Who can use the logos?

The logo is available to current financial members of the ACA. It may not be used by non-members, including former members whose membership has lapsed.

How to use the logos

There are three versions of the ACA member logo available. Select the version that best suits the circumstances.

The logo must be used in its entirety and should not be edited in any way.

  • Do not alter, substitute or separate the logo elements
  • Do not change the proportions, colour or typeface of the logo.
  • Do not distort, skew or rotate the logo
  • Do not add further elements or text to the logo.

The ACA member logo must have a clear space around it at all times. The minimum space around the sides of the logo should be the 1/3 of the width of red square – refer to diagram below.

When used online, the logo should link to

Download the logos in the member section below.

NOTE: Member Only Content

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