Mid-Year Catch-up in Melbourne

16 September 2022

The ACA – VIC/TAS Branch Committee was delighted to host a special members event on 29 August, hosted by the Metz Tiles Melbourne Design Gallery in Collingwood. The ACA committee, partners, industry figures and ACA members joined CEO Angelina Pillai and National President John Held for drinks and light refreshments, and to hear our plans for the months ahead.

  • John Held
  • Angelina Pillai
  • Kirby Roper & Paul Viney
  • David Wagner

It was a great turnout, despite the wet and windy conditions outside. National President John Held was in town for an Australian Construction Industry Forum meeting and spoke eloquently of the need for collegiality in the profession to face the many challenges before us. CEO Angelina Pillai gave a presentation on the current state of the ACA, with a steadily growing membership base, a healthy number of partners to support our ongoing work, and many ambitious plans for the future. She also touched on the strategic plan for the next five years, with a focus on advocacy, mental wellbeing and the continued provision of timely, reliable information and practical tools and resources.

During his speech, VIC/TAS President Paul Viney warned the alarm bells about the state of the industry, with weakened standards leading to dropping consumer confidence. Paul also spoke passionately about the need to combat proposed Victorian Government changes to the ARBV. “Architects, once the custodians of good design, environmental performance, and supervision of construction projects have gradually been marginalised and relegated to bystander roles. The proposed changes further weaken the role of architects, and their ability to establish and enforce high standards.” Since the event, the proposed legislation has dropped from the Government agenda. See our advocacy report for more on this.

Paul Viney also raised the issue of joint advocacy, which is something the ACA has always pursued at a branch and national level. The ACA believes that this is a small industry and all professional bodies and groups within architecture and in aligned fields need to work together to achieve our common goals. “Whilst each part of the industry may have different opinions, we need to at least bring that conversation into the one tent. We need to put aside our differences and speak to Government with one voice.”

Photos: Katherine Ygosse & Metz Gallery