NATSPEC’s NSW Class 2 Reference Specification

14 July 2021

NATSPEC has released a new reference specification for Class 2 buildings. The reference specification, which was developed in cooperation with the NSW Government, is a nationally applicable quality control tool that sets out the minimum requirements for Class 2 buildings.

The NSW Class 2 Reference Specification aims to bridge information gaps and facilitate information access between the different professionals in a project. It can be used consistently across multiple projects and allows building practitioners to verify that products, materials and techniques are fit for purpose. Highlighting the importance of quality, the reference specification encourages best building practices. It aims to increase the overall quality of construction.

The reference specification cannot be edited and, by itself, is not binding. Design consultants must confirm that the reference specification’s requirements are relevant to their project and must correctly document any additional or alternative project requirements. The Class 2 reference specification is sold as Part A of a two-part specification. The corresponding Part B, which is not supplied by NATSPEC, includes all project-specific requirements, such as amendments to Part A, schedules, drawings and models. These two parts form the project documentation.

Part A is a comprehensive reference specification, designed to cover the majority of design and construction scenarios. As such, not every work section will be relevant to every project, nor to every project team member. Design and building professionals focus on the work sections that apply to them.

Additionally, as the NSW Class 2 Reference Specification is not part of a NATSPEC subscription, anybody involved in the project can purchase it from NATSPEC’s website. It is sold on a project-by-project basis and will be updated annually. NATSPEC’s Basic and Professional specification packages include Class 2 schedules, which subscribers can use in Part B to complement the reference specification.

NATSPEC maintains the only comprehensive, regularly updated Australian national building specification. NATSPEC is a not-for-profit organisation owned by Government and industry and has been a valued part of the construction industry for over 45 years. For more information, visit