New BIM Ready Report Released

23 August 2018

The Queensland BIM Taskforce has released its findings from its recent BIM Survey.

The ACA – QLD/NT | AIA QLD BIM Taskforce is pleased to release the report “BIM Ready, The BIM Capability of Queensland Architects”, which is a summary of the findings of the Queensland BIM Survey, devised to explore the Building Information Modelling (BIM) capability of the membership bases of the ACA and AIA in Queensland.

The report highlights the current level of BIM adoption by the profession, and their respective clients. It also identifies areas that require attention by the profession, so that they are ready and capable when their clients start requesting BIM deliverables as part of their services.

Future BIM Taskforce initiatives will help practitioners understand and comply with the Queensland Government’s new policy and principles for BIM, currently in draft form. The draft policy proposes that projects delivered by the State Government from 2020 would require (where feasible) BIM deliverables. Once the State Government has nominated standards and documented their information deliverables, the Taskforce will write Architectural Practice Notes on how to meet the State Government’s requirements. The Taskforce is also exploring opportunities for training.

Read the full report here.