News from ACA - SA

John Held , 19 March 2017

The ACA – SA’s latest update features a strong program of events and advocacy for 2017. John Held reports.

We congratulate Mario Dreosti on his recent elevation to Australian Institute of Architects SA Chapter President. He is now in the unique position across organisations, and he is also Vice-President of the ACA – SA Chapter.

We welcome this link and emphasise that the ACA and the Institute have been working in close cooperation in South Australia for some time. We’ve been very clear that the ACA has the ability to take the lead on some issues, such as industrial relations, while the broader membership of the Institute is more suited for other issues in line with the organisation’s strategic priorities. We hope Mario’s understanding of both organisations will allow for effective action on a range of issues in South Australia in the years ahead.

Minister’s Visit

The ACA – SA Committee met the Transport and Infrastructure Minister Stephen Mullighan last Thursday. It was a good opportunity to emphasise the independent role architects can play in government projects and their value in promoting local economic benefit, ensure quality and add value to the design through early engagement.

We outlined some of the positive contributions from ACA to government policy, the success of local design-led projects and clarifying the balance between risk and innovation. We offered to assist with two projects – ideas to better incorporate local content into government office fitouts, and ways to generate alternative design options for developer-led heritage projects.

ACA Lunch – 24 May

We are planning a visit to SA from the ACA’s industrial adviser, Michael Corrigan, on Wednesday 24 May. This will be a lunch to which non-members are also invited. The current Architects Award is under review by the Fair Work Commission, and all employers must be aware of their obligations under the award – we believe most employers would be surprised at the range of industrial and award issues that Michael has to solve for ACA members.

It’s a timely reminder that ACA offers free 15-minute consultations with Michael on these issues.  If you have a particular question, ring the ACA office on 1300 653 026 to arrange a consultation.

Program for 2017

Our program for 2017 will include a number of roundtables covering issues such as insurance, superannuation, employment awards and contracts, and a session with the Government Architect. Also in the early planning stages are the following initiatives:

  • A half-day joint seminar with BuildSA on the future of the construction industry
  • Possible joint seminar with MBA on seismic restraint
  • Session on practice management software.

DPTI Procurement

The ACA, AIA and Consult Australia continue to have discussions with DPTI regarding the introduction of AS4122-2010 and the inclusion of any non-standard conditions of contract.

We have also written to DPTI in conjunction with the Institute regarding procurement for STEM projects (see the letter here).

White Card Training

ACA is running a White Card Training Session on 5 April – we only have one or two vacancies left. ACA subsidises the training to the extent of $45 per person for up to two people/practices. Contact Sascha Byrne at for details.


John  Held is ACA – SA President and a director of Russell & Yelland.