NSW/ACT 2016 Update

Agi Sterling , 15 December 2016

Agi Sterling, ACA – NSW / ACT Vice President, reflects on a successful year in New South Wales and the ACT.

Reflecting on 2016, we had a successful year at a branch level as well as the national organisation.

The ACA Insight webinar series, initiated by ACA – NSW / ACT and now running nationally has continued to develop, with all all webinars being well attended and interesting. Some of the more successful webinars were

  • National Salary Survey, presented by Gill Matthewson
  • People @ Architecture , presented by Laraine Sperling
  • Know Your Employment Contract!, presented by Michael Corrigan

The National Salary Survey webinar is a constant and will be repeated annually.

We have now appointed Katherine Ygosse as the ACA National Webinar coordinator, and we look forward to developing the program with her. Katherine is looking at the webinars to determine the most suitable day of the week and time, along with the preferred format.

We have commissioned Mr Christopher Larcos from Moray and Agnew Lawyers to prepare a short form of client architects agreement. This will be launched early next year.

Myself and Steve Kennedy, along with ACA representatives from across the country participated in the recent ACA membership workshop, which was very valuable in terms of strategies for retaining and increasing member numbers. 

All committee members have attended a financial seminar to understand the committee members financial responsibilities towards ACA.

The ACA membership is growing at a steady rate and I would like to take this occasion on behalf of the committee to welcome all new members as well as acknowledge those who have been with us for some time.

I wish you all merry Christmas and a successful happy healthy new year

Agi Sterling

Agi Sterling is ACA – NSW/ACT Vice President.