NSW/ACT July Branch Update

9 July 2019

The NSW/ACT Committee is in planning mode, with several new events and initiatives planned for the coming months.

The Shergold-Weir Report was on the top of the agenda for the ACA – NSW Committee when they met on 1 July. David Springett reported that the NSW government is overhauling all building professionals’ registration and insurances in the light of events at the Opal and Mascot towers. The general view was that architects need to be involved in the project from concept to completion rather than just the design stage. The ACA supports the current advocacy led by Kathlyn Loseby from the Institute.

The ACA Chat Forum is going well, with approximately 60–70 people participating, and more requesting to join each week. ACA – NSW/ACT Vice President Michael Lewarne is also doing further work on the Practice Futures Forum. More information on this to come…

The NSW/ACT Committee has formed a sub-group that will work on unsustainable tender guidelines by local councils. Committee members Steve Pearse, Harry Hamor and Michael Lewarne are currently collecting information from various firms about their experiences in tendering for these works.

Another point of discussion was the fact that the NSW government is preparing new accessibility guidelines. As a service to our members, we will arrange a seminar to familiarise everyone of the new guidelines and provide a setting for discussion.

The NSW/ACT Committee has set some dates for future events:

  • 4 September – Contracts, presented by Legal Counsel Christopher Larcos
  • 16 October – Office Management workshop, presented by ACA – NSW/ACT Committee member Justin Loe
  • 12 November – The Future of Business in Architecture and Design – a one-day conference, co-branded with Niche, dedicated to helping practice owners plan for the future
  • 27 November – The NSW Land and Environment Court Part 2, presented by Tim Horton and Chris Shaw
  • December – A planned visit to the ACT. More information to come …

The ACA – NSW/ACT gained five new members last month, and the renewals are also doing well. If you haven’t renewed your membership yet, it’s not too late. Renew your membership today to make the most of the ACA’s resources, networks and expertise, and to help make a difference in the profession!