NSW/ACT Practice Management Prize Winners

24 November 2022

The NSW/ACT Committee is proud to present two students in the Architecture course at the University of Western Sydney with a prize for outstanding work in units related to Practice Management.

The two recipients are Master of Architecture student Cigdem Guven, who received a prize of $3000 and Bachelor of Architecture student Ana Hernandez Chavez, who received $2000.

ACA NSW/ACT Committee member, Harry Hamor described the importance of developing practice management skills while at university: “the profession of architecture is much more than design, and demands expertise in financial management, HR, marketing and more. This award highlights the significance of those skills amongst architecture students.”

Cigdem and Ana were delighted to receive their awards, and each shared an insight into the impact it has had on their lives:

“This award has given me the confidence to dream bigger and set higher goals. I immediately told my family and friends, who were very proud of me. Within the next year I would like to become a registered architect. In terms of long-term goals, I’ve always wanted to become a freelance architect and reflect my creativity by designing homes for clients, homes in which they belong and feel content in.”
Cigdem Guven

“I grew up in Western Sydney in an immigrant household. I am a first generation Australian and the first in my family to attend university. Growing up I always felt dreams were a luxury I rarely allowed myself. It wasn’t until I had my first child at 18 that I started to imagine what my life might look like through the eyes of my child.

I have always been interested in design, people and politics. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with this until a friend suggested architecture. By the time I applied to WSU I was a mother of two. My whole degree was a juggle of family, work and study. It required a lot of personal sacrifice from myself but also those in my family. A significant part of my degree was completed in lockdown, which was made more challenging by the fact that both children were home-schooling with me.

I feel as though it is a recognition of my sacrifice and passion for what I have accomplished as a mother and woman in architecture. It was very humbling – for the first time I personally recognised the significance of what I had achieved. I was proud to share the news with my children and family. It was such a meaningful experience to be able to share with them.”
Ana Hernandez Chavez

The ACA congratulates both students and looks forward to following their future successes in years to come.