Own your own security

8 November 2023

Governments and regulatory bodies are ramping up cyber security compliance fines, penalties, obligations and responsibilities for business owners and managers. At the same time, cyber attacks are becoming more common and damaging.

IT security is increasingly a critical part of your business plan. So, how do you own your own security and protect your business? Frances Russell from Fooforce provides valuable advice for ACA members on how to keep ahead of the cyber crooks and IP thieves.

This member-only article provides an overview of controlling cyber risk for your business. Sections include common risks (such as theft of work and a lack of understanding of the value of data), potential fines for inadequate security, critical systems and risk, third party risk and disaster recovery plans.

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NOTE: Member Only Content

Frances Russell is CEO and Managing Director of FooForce, a leading Australian Managed Service and Security Provider. Frances is highly qualified in networking and security and has 20+ years experience advising organisations on business risk, IT strategy and security. FooForce provides cyber security, IT strategy alignment, and information security audits including cloud security, cyber risk awareness and full IT support services to companies across many industry sectors.

If you are interested in discussing your IT and security needs, contact Frances Russell.