Practice Leadership – Sharing the load

24 August 2023 - Updated: 18 January 2024

As a leader in your practice, would you like to be more productive, more innovative and less stressed? Would you like to have more engaged and happier staff, and be more agile and adaptable in practice? Watch this recorded CPD event presented by Michael Lewarne from Unmeasured for an informative presentation about mindful leadership and its impacts in practice. Hosted by ACA NSW/ACT. Originally held 14 September 2023.


There are three myths about leadership that may be holding back your practice:

  1. Leadership is about power
  2. Leaders are born not made
  3. Extroverts are better leaders

In this event Michael busts all three myths and shows you the difference between leadership, management and power. You’ll also learn how you can become a better leader so you’re more empowered, engaged, and can better support your team.

Typical challenges include inefficiencies and a lack of time, poor staff utilisation and engagement, and difficulties adapting to change (legislated, environmental, technological). Michael addresses how these challenges are conquered through more distributed leadership. It’s a less hierarchical model that’s the future of practice – helping architects find more time, maximise the collective energy, passion and capabilities of its people, and adapt to a changing practice climate.

If you’re ready to level up your architectural practice, it all starts with better leadership!


Michael Lewarne is an architect and coach. He helps architects rethink their practice and supports them as they uncover better ways to work. He’s worked in architecture for over 25 years, running his own practice for 14 years and understands architectural practice from the inside out. Michael believes improving practice takes asking hard questions and deep listening.

Michael is the Director of unmeasured, a committee member of the ACA – NSW/ACT branch, and facilitator of the Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum in NSW/ACT.


Members $30
Non-members $60
*One ticket per attendee.


Completion of this 1 hour webinar and submission of answers to CPD questions will deliver 1 formal CPD point.

Learning outcomes – Viewing this recorded CPD event will give attendees a better understanding of leadership, leadership strategies and how better leadership will improve practice outcomes.

AACA Competencies – Practice Management and Professional Conduct – PC 2

Architects Board WA & APBSA Core Area – Practice Management

Links will be provided for recording access and CPD questions. Please complete questions after viewing the webinar in its entirety. Certificates will be provided following online submission of answers to questions. Please keep your receipt, completed questions and certificate for your CPD records.


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