QLD/NT Branch Update – March 2021

10 March 2021

The QLD/NT Committee provides a branch update for March, with a welcome to new members, a new CPD webinar series, a review of the recent trivia night, and a look at the Jobsupport program used by Populous.

CPD Webinar Series

Join the Corporate Partner CPD webinar series. Learn from the experts and gain formal CPD points!

The ACA QLD/NT Corporate Partners have offered to present a series of online webinars (via Zoom) in their area of expertise. These webinars will have specific learning outcomes and are free of charge for members, so register early to secure your place.

Managing Corrosion in Metal roofing & Cladding Products

1.5 formal CPD points

Ken King, Business Development Manager – Technical Specification, Stramit

The Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand various types of corrosion and how to prevent them
2. What is galvanic corrosion?
3. Warranty considerations
4. Learn how to manage corrosion to ensure longevity.

Wednesday, 24 March 2021
9am–10.30am (NT), 9.30am–11am (Qld)

Members/non-members Free/$40 (incl GST)

Contact Louise Street for more information or to make a booking.

Section J in Action

Lara Bailey, Mechanical Engineer, Ashburner Francis

Lara Bailey is the environmentally sustainable design manager and a mechanical engineer at Ashburner Francis.

This session will be demonstration based talking through the DTS Vs JV3 verification method for a case study building and include:

1. Introduction to the Building Façade calculator
2. Single aspect vs multiple aspect
3. Thermal bridging and how it effects the U-value of your building fabric
4. Deemed to satisfy (DTS) Vs JV3 verification method of assessment
5. Modelling for JV3.

Tuesday, 23 March 2021
12.30–1.30pm (NT), 1–2pm (Qld)

Members/non-members Free/$40 (incl GST)

Contact Louise Street for more information or to make a booking.

Populous & Jobsupport

ACA member Populous describes their participation in the Jobsupport Transition program, which offers benefits to both employee and employer.

Jobsupport is a non-profit organisation established in 1986 by the Federal Government to provide employment services for people with an intellectual disability. Today, Jobsupport programs include both Open Employment and School Leavers work experience, providing successful training, placement and career opportunities for those with varying intellectual abilities.

Global design firm and ACA member, Populous, has been proud to host Jobsupport candidate, Daniel Alvarado, as part of the Jobsupport Transition program, tailored to support school leavers in making a positive transition to the workplace.

As an employer there are a multitude of benefits to providing a Jobsupport placement, including:

  • completion of a variety of tasks delegated to the trainee;
  • regular and reliable worker supported by a professional trainer in your workplace;
  • supporting a positive and diverse workplace culture;
  • breaking down the stigma of disabilities in the workplace; and
  • the opportunity to provide and upskill young people in the community.

The inclusion, diversity and positive opportunity for employees (at no cost) is immeasurable, with Jobsupport work experience lasting anywhere from 3–12 months.

Daniel began his Jobsupport Transition to Work program in 2020, and after completing nine months of work experience within the Brisbane office, Populous was delighted to offer Daniel paid employment as part of the office administration team.

Initially, Daniel was guided by his Jobsupport trainer in commuting to the workplace and completing a list of tasks for each day of his placement. This assistance tapered down as Daniel’s confidence to complete tasks on his own increased.

As a passionate football (not soccer!) fan, Daniel is delighted to have found a workplace in Sport and Entertainment Architecture, which combines his love of sport and his willingness to help others.

In his role, Daniel enjoys trips to the post office to lodge and collect mail, delivering parcels and engaging with other staff members.

“When I was at school thinking about what job I would do, I wanted to work in the city. I really enjoy working for an interesting organisation,” Daniel said.

His favourite part of the Brisbane office is the open plan lunch area where he can eat, chat to other employees, and watch sport on the TV screen in the kitchen. The opportunity to have been part of the Jobsupport program has meant a lot to Daniel and his family.

Working at Populous has provided Daniel with the opportunity to:

  • experience the responsibilities and different roles in a workplace;
  • engage with a diverse group of fellow staff;
  • learn new administration skills;
  • gain the confidence to travel to and from the workplace, and complete a range of tasks unassisted; and
  • gain independence from his parents.

“It is interesting to me to be surrounded by sports projects, as a sports fan. I enjoy working for the company who designed Suncorp Stadium, as I have attended a few matches there and wondered who designed it. I couldn’t believe when I found out that I work for the company who did,” Daniel said.

Now, as a paid employee, Daniel works four days per week in the Populous office as an administration and office assistant. Daniel has positively impacted the Brisbane office and continues to create many meaningful relationships with the wider team as a friendly, positive and hard-working individual.

Daniel in the new Populous Brisbane Headquarters with other Administration Support Team members – [L-R] Daniel Alvarado, Kyle, Samuel and Ilana.


Welcome New Members

The QLD/NT branch welcomes new members:

Greg Wines Architecture
Map Solutions Architects
Reddog Architects
architecture about people (archicology p/l)
Nicole Weston Architects
Best Overend & Associates

QLD/NT Trivia Night

Congratulations to Reddog Architects, winners of the Architect’s Deep Knowledge Award 2021!

The night was a great success. At the outset, Quiz Master Robert Wesener said, “Even though you may not know all of the answers to the questions, you will definitely learn a lot!” He didn’t disappoint. The challenge was on as teams worked through questions of general knowledge, architecture and current affairs.

It was a night of fun, camaraderie and friendly rivalry as teams battled it out. After round one there were only a few points between the eight teams, but at the end of the second round, there was a big swing and Reddog Architects won by 1 point. GHDWoodhead came second and 2019 champions Fulton Trotter Architects came third.

Thank you to all teams for your enthusiastic participation – Assa Abloy, 8i Architects, ABM Architects, dwp, Fulton Trotter Architects, GHDWoodhead, Peddle Thorp and Reddog Architects. We look forward to seeing you again in 2022.