Recap: SA Practice Managers Lunch

Anna Roussos , 25 November 2019

Anna Roussos spoke at a recent ACA Practice Managers Lunch in Adelaide about the value of employee happiness in practice.

To create happiness and a sense of worth in your team, it is important to create strong business values that reflect commitment to a job well done, alongside contentment. I spoke to a group at the ACA Practice Managers Lunch in early November about the importance of finding what motivates your employees. If employees are happy they will display a different energy, which inevitably impacts culture and output. Attitude impacts performance, so by having a positive / solution-oriented mindset, we can build a team that feels invested and happy. In short, happiness is good for business!

Traditionally, employees start in a workplace feeling motivated, so it is important that we nurture this feeling. Generally, the three key factors we need to manage are: work environment, organisation culture, and an employer’s relationships with employees. One of the most significant factors that is under your control is your relationship with each individual employee. Happiness at work requires something less tangible than money… Trust. Creating a relationship that is built on trust makes staff more productive and innovative in day-to-day activities on the job, which generates a sense of contentment. We need to communicate with our employees through general catch-ups, clearly defining daily tasks, outlining quarterly goals, holding performance review sessions and structured huddles. Employees need to understand what we are doing and why we are doing it… They need to understand to be invested!

So, I encourage you to think about this – how can you motivate your employees to ensure they are performing at their best?

Anna Roussos is the Founder and Director of Anna Roussos Recruitment + Advisory, which is a proud sponsor of the South Australian branch of the ACA.