Record Keeping webinar

21 January 2021

informed by Planned Cover is offering a 15% discount for ACA members for a document management and record keeping webinar at lunchtime on 10 February.

Have you ever been frazzled locating an important document in a short time? How many emails have you sent or received today containing attachments? The fact is we spend most of our professional life creating, using, saving and deleting documents in many different forms.

This webinar will help guide you through the process of Document Management and Record Keeping. Planned Cover’s experienced risk managers will demonstrate the importance of document management and record keeping for that moment when you are served with a claim and are expected to present compelling evidence to support your case.


12.30pm–1.30pm (AEDT)
Wednesday 10 February 2021


1 formal hour
(see the booking page for Learning Objectives)


$80, discount for ACA members applies (see discount code below)


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