Research & Advocacy

The ACA speaks up on behalf of members and the wider architectural profession. The ACA firmly believes in the value of research and our advocacy is grounded in consultation with members and industry-wide surveys.


National Salary Survey

24 August 2020

The ACA National Salary Survey provides important data on architectural salaries across Australia.

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ACA Advocacy: COVID-19, Indoor Air Quality & Ventilation

10 October 2021

The ACA has joined a coalition of nine peak industry bodies to call for credible, government-endorsed, public information regarding the airborne transmission of COVID-19 and the importance of indoor air quality.

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2021 National Standard of Competency for Architects

6 July 2021

Charmaine Kai, ACA member of the Expert Reference Group on the NSCA, provides an update on the key developments.

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ACA Response to Victorian Framework for Reform

31 May 2021

After extensive consultation, the ACA’s VIC/TAS Committee has submitted its response to the Victorian government’s Framework for Reform building review. Our executive summary outlines the ACA’s key priorities and the full submission is also available for download for further background and discussion of the issues.

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ACA Pulse Check 5 – findings

20 May 2021

ACA’s first Pulse Check for the year – the fifth since the pandemic began –  gives a fairly positive account of the rebound from COVID. Here we outline the key findings, including stats on levels of work and work pipeline, the impact of JobKeeper, changes to employment and workplace arrangements, mental wellbeing, and the future outlook.

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ACA Pulse Check no. 5

26 April 2021

Please take the ACA Pulse Check no. 5. We are now over a year into the pandemic. How is your practice going? What has changed? What has stayed the same? How is the future looking?

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ACA Advocacy on Unfair Contracts

2 March 2021

We need to work together to advocate for improved contracts and procurement methodologies, says John Held.

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Automatic Mutual Recognition

28 February 2021

The ACA welcomes the automatic mutual recognition scheme, which serves as a sound framework to create national harmonisation across the architectural labour force. However, several issues need to be addressed.

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Urgent Stimulus Required for Construction Industry

4 November 2020

The ACA is calling for Government to fund and bring forward construction projects, prioritising strategically planned, well-timed projects, supported by effective procurement processes and equitable contract terms.

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Nominations Open for Australian Honours

27 October 2020

Is there someone exceptional within the architecture profession who you would like to nominate for an Australian Honour? The Order of Australia recognises Australians for outstanding service or exceptional achievement in a diverse range of fields and areas of endeavours, including architecture.

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ACA Pulse Check 4 - Preliminary Findings

21 October 2020

Announcing the preliminary results of Pulse Check no. 4

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ACA Response to National Registration Framework

15 September 2020

The ACA, in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Architects, has responded to the ABCB’s discussion paper on the proposed national registration framework, pointing out the problematic lack of distinction made between a registered architect and building designer.

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VicPulse Findings

7 September 2020

The ACA – Vic/Tas has released the results of the first VicPulse survey. Top level findings reveal worrying levels of work cancelled or on hold. On the other hand, the survey responses are quite positive in terms of wellbeing and many practices have been able to keep staff on due to the support of JobKeeper.

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Pulse Check No. 3 - Preliminary Findings

9 June 2020

The preliminary findings of the ACA Pulse Check No. 3 are out now. Concerns about workflow continue, but some projects have restarted and JobKeeper payments have enabled many practices to keep staff on. Mental wellbeing results are positive overall, with some toll on senior management. Practices are returning to the office and considering necessary changes.

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ACA delighted to support Monash Mental Wellbeing Research project

25 May 2020

The ACA is proud to support the new research project Architectural Work Cultures: professional identity, education and wellbeing, led by Professor Naomi Stead of Monash University.

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ACA Pulse Check Advice on Mental Wellbeing

15 April 2020

The ACA Pulse Check No 2 survey invited participants to answer questions about the mental wellbeing of their practice and people. Susie Ashworth unpacks the results and highlights the best tips and advice for looking after the mental wellbeing of all within practice.

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Pulse Check No. 2 - Preliminary Results

2 April 2020

The ACA has released the preliminary results of the ACA Pulse Check No. 2. Top line findings reveal serious concerns about workflow, financial impact and employment, but the survey also shows that architectural practices are adapting quickly to the changed working environments.

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ACA Pulse Check no. 1 - Preliminary Findings

18 March 2020

The ACA has released the preliminary results of the ACA Pulse Check no. 1. We are now analysing these further.

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Architectural Education and the Profession

17 December 2019

The ACA welcomes the release of the Architectural Education and the Profession in Australia and New Zealand, and looks forward to putting the knowledge to work and collaborating on future research.

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NSW Design and Building Practitioners’ Bill

7 November 2019

The ACA welcomes NSW draft legislation and supports the NSW Government’s efforts on building quality.

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ACA Response to BMF Decision

19 July 2019

The BMF announcement to adopt a consistent national approach to reform in the Australian construction industry is welcome news.

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Victorian Government Leadership on Cladding

17 July 2019

The release of the Victorian Cladding Taskforce Final Report and associated program of work is welcomed by the ACA, but the Federal Government must also take action to ensure a unified national approach.

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Industry Groups Call for Australia-wide Action on Building Regulation

16 July 2019

Five industry groups have issued a call for co-ordinated, nation-wide action on building regulation. The ACA supports this call, and is part of it through membership of the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF).

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Joint Statement - Implementing the Building Confidence Report

21 June 2019

The government must act now to ensure the design and construction of safe, well-constructed buildings and to restore public trust in Australia’s built environment.

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To Survey or Not to Survey

8 May 2019

Our recent questionnaire about the ACA's National Salary Survey uncovered some interesting findings and observations. ACA CEO Angelina Pillai unpacks the results.

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Shergold Weir Report Implementation

28 April 2019

The Building Confidence Report Implementation Plan has now been released. What does it mean for the architecture profession? Where are the opportunities and what are the challenges? How is the ACA working on a response? We present a summary of the plan and ACA commentary for each state and territory.

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Building Commissioner Auditing Not Enough

13 February 2019

The NSW Government announcement of a new Building Commissioner to audit building design and construction does not go far enough. Government needs to investigate the construction contracting methods, relationships and behaviours that affect building quality and safety.

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Challenging the Banks’ Discrimination Against ABIC

11 October 2018

Warwick Mihaly outlines the findings of the recent survey on the banks and ABIC contracts. The worrying results provided the foundation for the joint submission to the Banking Royal Commission by the ACA, ArchiTeam and the Institute of Architects.

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Submission to the Banking Royal Commission

12 September 2018

The ACA has joined forces with the Institute and ArchiTeam to condemn the unfair treatment of industry-standard construction contracts by banks in a submission to the Banking Royal Commission.

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2018 Salary Survey Findings

17 August 2018

The findings of the 2018 National Salary Survey, with analysis by Dr Gill Matthewson, are now out. There is still a gender pay gap and some practices persist in paying under Award minimums!

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Langoulant Review into WA Major State Projects

2 April 2018

An inquiry led by former under treasurer, John Langoulant, into recent WA state government projects and contracts has revealed gross incompetence and highlighted the need for a major reformation to current procurement processes.

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Procurement in WA: Government as ‘model client’

25 July 2017

A joint submission to the WA Commission of Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects.

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What Does the 2017 Federal Budget Mean for Architects?

6 June 2017

John Held reflects on the findings of the 2017 ACA Federal Budget Impact Survey.

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2017 Salary Survey - Findings

31 May 2017

The findings of the 2017 National Salary Survey, with analysis by Dr Gill Matthewson, are now out - salaries are up very slightly, but worrying trends continue for the third year. There is still a gender pay gap and some practices persist in paying under Award minimums!

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2017 ACA Budget Impact Survey

30 May 2017

What does the 2017 Federal Budget mean for architectural practices and the profession?

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Procuring Architectural Services - an Industry Discussion Paper

13 April 2017

The ACA Industry Discussion Paper on Procuring Architectural Services aims to provoke conversation and thought about the role procurement plays in the development of our cities and communities.

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Learning Environment Opportunity Study

17 February 2017

ACA - SA has been working closely with the SA Department of Education and Child Development to introduce a new type of planning study for schools.

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Design WA Submissions

16 February 2017

ACA - WA has submitted responses to four Design WA documents and policies.

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DAP and DACs in WA - survey report

28 September 2016

The ACA - WA member survey on WA Development Assessment Panel and local authority Design Advisory Committees is providing an important evidence base for advocacy with the Minister for Planning.

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2016 Salary Survey Report and Analysis

19 August 2016

The ACA has released the report on findings of the 2016 National Salary Survey - salaries are up very slightly, but worrying trends continue - there is still a gender pay gap and some practices persist in paying under Award minimums!

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SA State Budget Stimulus Package

15 July 2016

The SA 2016-17 Budget features a major stimulus package for the construction industry, with $500 million allocated to upgrade school facilities. This is an opportunity for architects to show leadership and work collaboratively to deliver outstanding educational facilities.

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Architects in Australia

18 May 2016

Insightful reports by Gill Matthewson chart the professional profile of architects and the industry’s growth and development in recent years through the 2001, 2006 and 2011 Censuses.

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What Does the 2016 Federal Budget Mean For Architects?

17 May 2016

The 2016 Budget Impact Survey indicates a fairly neutral overall response to the 2016 Federal Budget by architectural practices. The good news is that a over half of respondents are busier than last year, although not all are more profitable. John Held considers the findings.

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2016 Budget Impact Survey - Findings

16 May 2016

The results of this year's ACA Federal Budget Impact Survey.

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SA State of the Profession - the research is in

19 April 2016

We now know a great deal more about architectural practice in South Australia - three reports provide a comprehensive account of the state of the profession and the opportunities and challenges for the future.

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ACA - SA State of the Profession Survey Report

7 April 2016

The ACA - SA State of the Architectural Profession survey provides crucial research on the size, shape and characteristics of architectural practice in SA - the first study of its kind in Australia.

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Architects in SA - A View from the APBSA data

7 April 2016

A report on data from the APBSA provides and overview of the demographics of registered architects in South Australia.

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Architects in SA - A view from the census

7 February 2016

Architects in SA - A View from the Census is the first report on the Australian architectural profession to look at census data over time.

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Australian Government Response to the Competition Policy Review

2 December 2015

An update on the Australian Government’s response to the “Harper Review” into competition policy.

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2015 Salary Survey Report and Analysis

17 July 2015

The ACA has released the report on findings of the 2015 National Salary Survey. The outlines the broad trends identified this year and compares these to the results from the previous two years.

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Findings - 2015 Federal Budget Impact Survey

23 May 2015

The ACA’s 2015 Federal Budget Impact Survey sought to better understand what the budget means for architectural practices and the profession.

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What does the 2015 Federal Budget mean for architecture?

23 May 2015

The message from the 2015 Federal Budget Impact Survey is clear - some short-term gains for some, but few long terms benefits.

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Improving Government Procurement in South Australia

10 February 2015

ACA - SA is on the front foot with changes in government procurement - a report on the recent DPTI priorities survey.

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Procurement Reform

10 November 2014

Finally there is some movement on procurement reform in NSW. Steve Kennedy provides an update.

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No More 'Best and Final Offer' in Qld!

14 September 2014

The Queensland Government has removed ‘Best and Final Offer’ processes from all tendering procedures.

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Unfair Contracts Consultation Submission

28 July 2014

The ACA’s submission to the Treasury consultation on Extending Unfair Contract Term Protections To Small Businesses.

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2014 Salary Survey Findings

8 June 2014

The ACA is pleased to release a report on findings of the first two iterations of the National Salary Survey.

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Findings of the 2014 Federal Budget Impact Survey

23 May 2014

An overview of the results.

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The Canary Sings - Architectural Practices Concerned About the 2014 Federal Budget

23 May 2014

What does the federal budget mean for practices, the profession and society?

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2014 Federal Budget

14 May 2014

What does the 2014 Federal Budget mean for the business of architecture? We provide initial key points and a roundup of coverage so far.

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Preliminary Observations from the Inaugural Salary Survey

15 July 2013

The ACA ran its inaugural salary survey in mid-2013. What does it tell us about renumeration in the profession?

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