Roof Access Checklist

13 August 2016

ACA – SA has developed a model checklist for roof access on site inspections.

This is an important resource for South Australian architects, and is a counterpart to similar guides available in other states. (See the end of the checklist for a list of other resourcses relevant to other states).

The checklist provides a reference for member companies to use when creating their own work safety document. It has been developed in reponse to a number of recent incidents on South Australian Building sites, which may have been avoided with the use of such a guideline documents.

Note: The Checklist is not an exhaustive collection of all potential hazards present on site and does not preclude the individual Consultant or Consultant Company from developing their own list and confirming the known hazards/ risks on site and their responses to minimise those risks. ACA does not take any responsibility for the non-identification of any risks on site.

The Roof Access Checklist is an ACA member resource. Members should log in below to download the checklist.

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