SA 2016: A year in review

John Held , 15 December 2016

It’s been a busy year for ACA in South Australia. Membership has risen, there’s generally a better vibe about the amount of work around.

The committee has worked hard on a number of projects, including:

  • Completion and Launch of the SA State of the Profession Survey following the award of a Fellowship from the Architectural Practice Board of SA
  • Sponsorship of the “Where to from Here” series on the future of the profession
  • Issuing of Architects in SA – A view from the census and Architects in SA – A View from the APBSA data
  • Working with the Australian Institute of Architects and Consult Australia on submissions for DPTI prequalification and contract changes
  • Providing input into DECD STEM program
  • Implementing a new type of Learning Environment Opportunity Study for DECD
  • Coordinating the Practice Administrator’s group which met regularly during the year
  • Roundtable on the ACA time and cost calculator with Paul Viney
  • Joint seminar with Institute on Melbourne’s Nightingale housing projects
  • Roundtable with Ian Nightingale on Local Content
  • Roundtable with ESD consultants
  • Restarting of the architects/builders liaison group, with our committee recently endorsing updated tendering guidelines
  • Issuing of guidelines for roof access
  • Ongoing organisation of the Keith Neighbour Graduate Study Program for graduates of architecture approaching registration exams
  • Financial training for ACA committee members (to comply with Registered Organisations legislation)
  • Offering White card training courses

A special thanks to the committee and especially to Sascha Byrne as Executive Officer.

Season’s greetings and all the best for the New Year!

President: John Held
Vice-President: Mario Dreosti
Secretary: Graham Hardy
Treasurer:  Ian Hore
Committee: Adrian Evans, David Kilpatrick, Thomas Masullo, Susan Phillips, John Schmidt, Simon Thomson, Richard Woods
Executive Officer: Sascha Byrne

White Card Training

We intend to hold another white card training course in March or April 2017.  Do you have new graduates or other staff without White Cards?  If so, contact Sascha on

John Held is ACA – SA President