SA April news

John Held , 17 April 2017

An update from ACA – SA.

Ethical Tendering? Are Architects Doing Dodgy Deals?

For the last year the joint ACA/Australian Institute of Architects and MBA liaison group has been updating the previously agreed tendering guidelines, which were last amended in 2004. This document takes AS4120-1994 and makes more specific recommendations for behaviour of all parties involved in tendering. The new document is in final draft, ready for endorsement by the Institute and MBA.

While we are aware that more and more work is not tendered as lump sum contracts, our State of the Profession Survey shows it is still the most common form of project delivery. What concerns the committee are the number of stories from builders of blatant disregard of the current guidelines by architects, including negotiation with all tenderers after tender close, redocumentation and retendering immediately after tender close, best and final offer bids, and lack of feedback to unsuccessful tenderers. Are architects pressured into this behaviour by clients and project managers? Or are they blissfully unaware of proper procedures? The pending release of the guidelines is the opportunity for architects to reconsider their practice, and inform clients and project managers of proper procedures when tendering.

Government Procurement and the Stem Works Program

SA members will have seen much recent correspondence on the procurement issues surrounding the SA Government’s STEM Works program. Over 50 attended the recent meeting addressed by Grant Mitchell from Minter Ellison on issues surrounding novation and design and construct, particularly with smaller projects and Tier 3 and 4 builders. We have also had a great response to our survey which we are currently analysing. We understand there is a move away from Design and Construct now for some of the Secondary projects, which is welcome. We’ll keep you informed of the survey results and further developments.

ACA Lunch 24 May

We are planning a visit to SA from the ACA’s Industrial advisor, Michael Corrigan, on Wed 24 May. This will be a lunch to which non-members are also invited. The current Architects Award is under review by the Fair Work Commission, and all employers must be aware of their obligations under the award – we believe most employers would be surprised at the range of industrial and award issues which Michael has to solve for ACA members.

It’s a timely reminder that ACA offers free 15-minute consultations with Michael on these issues.  If you have a particular question, ring the ACA office on 1300 653 026 to arrange a consultation.