SA Committee Hosts First BoSP Event

Ian Hore , 7 November 2019

The first Business of Small Practice (BoSP) forum in Adelaide was a great success, with keynote speaker Kate Fitzgerald and an insightful panel sharing their workplace experiences, growing pains and advice on small practice. Ian Hore reports.

Kate Fitzgerald of Whispering Smith has been instrumental in establishing BosP events as ‘must attend’ events on the ACA calendar in Western Australia. Kate generously provided her advice and time to help establish the first BosP event in South Australia.

Renato Castello, the Local Government and Urban Development Editor from The Advertiser newspaper, facilitated a forum with speakers from three very different smaller architectural practices. Each speaker provided the assembled 40 guests with contrasting business models for running a small architectural practice.

4 - Kate speaks at BoSP

Dave from Studio-gram talked about their working style where everybody in the office is involved in every project. As a practice they are very conscious of not having silos within the business or having as a ‘House Style’. Studio-gram has been very successful at developing a social media presence which provides them with nearly all of client enquiries.

Khab principal Kirsty presented a different model where the practice has a strong core philosophy of providing a work life balance with everyone working four days a week. Kirsty outlined some of the challenges of completing quality work while maintaining a low-cost, low overhead practice and a balanced lifestyle.

John of John Diekman Architects presented another completely different practice – a ‘Hollywood’ practice. John explained how he runs his practice like a modern Hollywood film studio where the studio finds the projects, then outsources everything to develop the project.

John and a group of like-minded professionals collaborate on projects small to large ($50 million) yet each retain their independence. All work is conducted in a virtual office environment using the ‘cloud’ for sharing; however, those located in Adelaide do meet for project work and to enjoy each other’s company.

John pointed out that he still believes that you cannot do architecture alone; it is just how you collaborate. It does not mean you have to employ people and run a traditional office.

The event was very successful and enjoyed by those attending.

The ACA – SA committee would like to thank State Sponsor Anna Roussos Recruitment + Advisory and Event Sponsor A2K Technologies. The committee would also like to thank our Executive Officer Sascha Byrne for all her work in organising this, the first SA BosP Event.

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Ian Hore is a Director of Walter Brooke & Associates and the Treasurer of the ACA – SA Committee.