Students and Graduates of Architecture

30 August 2016

With many students and new graduates now looking for work, it is worth recalling provisions for students and graduates of architecture in the Architects Award and the pay rates applicable.

What is a student of architecture?

A student of architecture is someone currently enrolled full-time in a course of architecture.

Bachelor graduates who are in the period between obtaining a Bachelors degree and commencing the professional Masters – that is, not studying architecture and working in an architectural practice – are covered by the Modern Manufacturing Award (Entry Level C5).

Students of architecture – minimum pay rates

The Architects Award distinguishes between students of architecture under 21 years of age, and those over 21. Students of architecture are discussed in section 15.4.

Students of architecture under 21 years of age are paid a percentage of the entry rate Graduate of Architecture rate of payment. This percentage changes according to the length of service and years of experience. These rates and percentages are as follows:

Service                                                 % of Level 1 – Entry rate

First 13 weeks of employment                            35%

Next 13 weeks of employment                            50%

Next 26 weeks of employment                            65%

2nd year of experience                                      70%

3rd year of experience                                       75%

4th year of experience                                       85%

5th year of experience                                       90%

6th year of experience                                       95%

Students of architecture aged 21 and over are paid either the minimum adult wage if they have less than three years experience and then a percentage of the first year Graduate of Architecture rate of payment, according to years of experience. These rates and percentages are as follows:

Service                                                Minimum rate or % of Level 1 – Entry rate

3rd year of experience                                        75%

4th year of experience                                        85%

5th year of experience                                        90%

6th year of experience                                        95%

Current minimum pay rates can be downloaded here.

When does a student become a graduate?

Michael Corrigan of Platinum Employee Relations explains that once a student of architecture has results that show a pass, they are deemed a graduate of architecture and should be paid accordingly. If, however, a pass cannot be proven, then they become a graduate when a graduation certificate is issued or presented.

Minimum annual rates for graduates of architecture are covered in section 15.1 of the Architects Award.

This article was updated on 30 August, 2016. An earlier version of this item was first published in ACA Communique December 2013.