Sustainability & Building Materials

26 August 2020

Armstrong Flooring’s Sustainability Manager Amy Costello will join speakers from Weathertex, Dulux and Global GreenTag International to discuss the benefits of healthier building materials and products at a webinar on 27 August.

At the beginning of 2020, many of us felt that this was going to be a big year, but none of us expected the huge impact that has come with COVID-19. Our shared global experience of the last seven months has brought the topic of health starkly into focus.

Similar to food, many building materials today are highly processed and sometimes include toxic chemicals which may adversely affect our health. Through better planning and informed choices – frequently at little or no additional cost – we can select more natural and healthier building materials and products, which will achieve a healthier, more sustainable outcome, often by using better quality materials that will last longer and have a smaller environmental footprint.

Four years ago, Global GreenTag International launched their Product Health Declaration (PHD) – the GreenTag PHD with a HealthRATED outcome. This rating tool uniquely illustrates the toxicology of a product’s ingredients, and highlights its health impacts on the end-user.


12.30pm AEST Thursday
27 August 2020


Webinex talk with a number of speakers discussing the benefits of selecting healthier building materials and the journeys they take within their businesses to create a better, healthier future.


1. David Baggs, CEO and Program Director of Global GreenTag International

2. Jason O’Hagan, Managing Director – Weathertex

3. Amy Costello, Sustainability Manager – Armstrong Flooring (dialling from US)

4. Dr Rod Vockler, Technical Manager – Sustainability and Quality – Dulux Australia


1 informal CPD point.

Information and booking

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