Architects' Time/Cost Calculator

13 May 2020

The ACA Architects’ Time/Cost Calculator Version 3 helps practices assess the time and costs involved in providing an appropriate level of service for a broad range of building types. 

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Want to be more profitable?

Want to be More Profitable? Here's How.

11 March 2016

How can small architectural practices be more profitable? Rena Klein outlines the issues to consider, and some strategies for getting started.

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Splitting the difference

Splitting the difference

10 March 2016

Is 'splitting the difference' really fair? Ian Motley explains how to respond to suggestions in fee negotiations. 

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A Quick Look at Anchoring

11 October 2018

How can architects benefit from the subtle nudge of an anchor? Ian Motley takes another look at the psychology of negotiation.

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Jennifer Crawford

New Business Models

24 June 2018

Jennifer Crawford argues that the question of fees is really a question of business models. Architects need to work out what their ‘super power’ is, and charge accordingly.

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Fiona Young

Addressing Architecture’s Wicked Problems through Affordances

20 June 2018

Fiona Young argues that we need to understand briefing as a key part of the architect's role, develop a common understanding with clients to ensure the best outcome, and charge fees accordingly. 

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Is Regulation the Answer to Fee Madness?

20 June 2018

Is reintroducing fee scales and further regulation the solution to fee slashing and ‘the race for the bottom’ among architects? Is this really feasible in a world of increasing globalisation and diversification of service providers? Ceilidh Higgins considers other options.

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Fee redemption

Fee Redemption: A mutually assured future

19 June 2018

The conversation about fees is taking off across social media. John Held argues that many of the contemporary problems facing architects derive from unpriced risk, and that nationwide research and smarter business practices are part of the solution. 

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Fees - thumb

How to Make Fee Agreements Work for You

10 May 2018

Have you found yourself overlooking the fee agreement so you can get started on design? Book now for our May webinar to learn more about fees and how to keep your business in the black.  

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Fee proposal

ACA Member Offer - Fee Proposal Workshops

15 March 2018

Blue Turtle is offering ACA members a 10% discount on its Fee Proposal Workshops around Australia in April 

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Why Still Charge by the Hour?

Architecture and Design Fees: Why Hourly Rates?

8 October 2016

The value of a company today is based on ideas rather than assets or staff numbers, so why do architects still charge by the hour? Ceilidh Higgins explores the possibilities for non-traditional fee structures.

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Good cop bad cop

Are you the Good Cop or the Bad Cop?

7 August 2015

Ian Motley provides advice on how to respond when potential clients use the 'good cop / bad cop' tactic during fee negotiations.

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Are You Negotiating Against Yourself?

12 April 2015

Ian Motley argues that fee erosion is often the result of standard negotiation tactics. He explains how to recognise when you are ‘negotiating against yourself’  and how to avoid it. 

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Is Everyone Experiencing This?

Is Everyone Experiencing This Right Now?

15 December 2014

Design fees, scope creep, government projects: Alexandra Howieson reflects on the state of the profession.

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Fee Structures and Productivity

Fee Structures and Productivity Output

6 November 2014

How do we improve practice profitability? Job-by-job, day-by-day. Greg Wines reports on the discussion at the ACA – Qld/NT’s November event. 

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No more best and final offer

No More 'Best and Final Offer' in Qld!

14 September 2014

The Queensland Government has removed ‘Best and Final Offer’ processes from all tendering procedures. 

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Fixed fee scale

New Fixed Fee Scale from Victoria's Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

2 September 2014

Good news on architects fees from Victoria.

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Setting architectural fees

Architectural Fees: what, how and where to...

2 September 2014

Antony Di Mase canvasses the complexities of setting fees and the valuing of architectural work, arguing that we need consensus on how fees are determined. 

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Fees 2

Getting Paid: Security of Payment

2 February 2014

Peter Sarlos explains the Security of Payment Act and how architects might use it to their benefit.

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Fees 3

Fees & Professional Indemnity Insurance

11 November 2013

Does your PI insurance preclude claims for fees? Peter Sarlos outlines the issues. 

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Fees 1

Fees - Being Able To Do What An Architect Should Do

3 September 2013

Peter Sarlos on the challenges of calculating fees and conveying the value of an architect's work to clients.

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