Kim Lovegrove

How to Solve the Building Practitioner Insurance Crisis in Australia

2 July 2019

The PI insurance crisis is upon us – but how did it come to this? Senior Construction Lawyer Kim Lovegrove identifies the key challenges, and outlines his ideas for bringing the Australian building industry back from the brink.

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Avoiding Cyber Attacks

29 May 2019

What are the crown jewels of your practice? Where are they stored and how secure are they? Sherren Hepburn from Planned Cover takes a look at the issues around cybersecurity and offers tips on protecting your precious assets.

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Laurence Gottlieb

Non-compliant Cladding and Insurance Exclusions

16 October 2018

Insurance specialist Laurence Gottlieb explores the issue of non-compliant cladding and other materials, warning of the changes afoot in the insurance industry.

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Cladding and insurance

Cladding and the Changing Insurance Market

22 September 2018

Do you know how to tackle the practical challenges posed by flammable cladding in past and present projects? Are you familiar with future developments in the insurance industry? Join us on 17 October for the ACA Insight Webinar to learn more.

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Know your business – insurance

Insurance for Architectural Practices

7 April 2018

Planned Cover Manager of Projects and Compliance Vanessa Collins gives a full rundown of the different types of insurance and the protections they provide.

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Common Claims

Common Claims and How to Avoid Them

13 March 2018

Experienced Claims Manager Kerrie McLeish discusses the most common claims she sees and gives valuable advice on how to avoid them.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

19 February 2018

Is the limit on your professional indemnity insurance policy enough? Planned Cover’s Kerrie McLeish explores the issues.    

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Insurance and Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks and Insurance

13 August 2015

What are the exposures of hacking and other cyber criminal activity to your business? Alex Conlon of BJS Insurance Brokers considers the issues in this emerging risk area.

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BIM and Insurance

BIM and Insurance

6 March 2015

What are the insurance implications of BIM for architects? Alex Conlon of BJS Insurance Brokers considers the issues in this emerging field.

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Risky business

Risky Business

31 July 2014

ACA – QLD/NT’s July lunch forum in Brisbane, titled ‘Risky Business – a claims overview’, focused on claims trends and recent observations.

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Insurance and risk

Professional Indemnity Insurance, Risk and AS 4122

28 March 2014

Jack Birrell on the things to consider when choosing your insurance provider.

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PI Insurance

New Insurance Agreement re AS 4122

13 March 2014

A new agreement with Planned Cover means that architects insured with it after 17 March are automatically covered for the current version of AS 4122 – 2010.

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Insurance in Australia

Insurance - an overview

12 February 2014

What is the current situation for insurance? Damian Harrison overviews the PI insurance landscape as it pertains to architecture.

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Fees and PI Insurance

More on Fees and PI Insurance

2 February 2014

Damian Harrison, of BJS Insurance Brokers, responds to Peter Sarlos’s concerns about PI insurance precluding claims for fees.

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PI Insurance & AS 4122 - 2010

PI Insurance & AS 4122 - 2010

29 December 2013

Does signing the AS 4122 – 2010 General Conditions of Contract put your PI insurance at risk? The ACA – WA is working to rectify this. Richard Young, ACA – WA President, outlines the issues and progress thus far.

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An Insurance Perspective

An Insurance Perspective on the Assumed Liability Exclusion in AS 4122-2010

3 December 2013

Damian Harrison comments on recent concerns about the ‘assumed liability’ exclusion in AS 4122–2010.

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Fees 3

Fees & Professional Indemnity Insurance

11 November 2013

Does your PI insurance preclude claims for fees? Peter Sarlos outlines the issues. 

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Releasing CAD Files to Clients

Releasing CAD Files to Clients

12 June 2013

Architects are increasingly being asked to release CAD files to clients. What are the implications of doing so? Damian Harrison of BJS Insurance Brokers gives an insurance perspective.

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