Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum in Australia

8 September 2020

The ACA is delighted to take the lead on the development of an Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum (AMWF) in Australia, which will build on the great work being done by AMWF in the UK. Forums have already been held in Victoria and Queensland, with plans for all states in the works.

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COVID-19 & Mental Health

COVID-19 and Mental Health

24 March 2020

As we face unprecedented challenges and stress with the COVID-19 health crisis and inevitable economic effects, it’s critical that we maintain and protect our mental wellbeing and that of our colleagues, employees and families. The following resource round-up points to useful tips, reminders and strategies to help maintain positive mental health during this difficult time. 

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Mental Wellbeing Toolkit

A Guide for Mental Wellbeing

29 July 2019

The Architects Mental Wellbeing Toolkit offers simple practical advice to individuals and practices on coping with the stresses of an increasingly pressured profession. 

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Resource Roundup

Resources for Mental Health

27 May 2019

There are a number of excellent organisations providing a range of initiatives and services to support Australians living with mental illness. 

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Designing Support in the Modern World

23 May 2019

Katie Vivian from the UK-based Architects Benevolent Society introduces us to the charity’s history, the modernisation of its support services and its current AnxietyArch campaign.

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Avoiding Burnout

22 May 2019

Running and directing an architecture practice is often gruelling, and can take a real toll on your mental health. Peter Raisbeck identifies the stress factors and offers some basic tips on self care.

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Ben Channon

Collective Action on Mental Health

21 May 2019

Ben Channon is an Associate and Mental Wellbeing Ambassador at Assael Architecture, and chair of the Architects' Mental Wellbeing Forum in the UK. Ben talks us through the forum's origins and ambitions.

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Happy by Design

A Guide to Architecture and Wellbeing

21 May 2019

Ben Channon's new book Happy by Design: A Guide to Architecture and Wellbeing explores the ways that buildings and spaces can impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

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Naomi Stead 1

Is Architectural Practice Making Architects Sick?

21 May 2019

Professor Naomi Stead, Head of Architecture at Monash University, is one of the champions of a proposed new research project currently under development, Mental Wellbeing of Architects and Architecture Students: Culture, Education and the Workplace, which aims to examine links between architectural culture and identity and mental wellbeing. Here, Naomi takes a quick look at the issues.


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Mental health for small business

Mental Health for Small Business Owners

18 August 2017

Self-care is often not a top priority in the life of the small business owner, but it is the most fundamental – not only to your personal health and wellbeing but the success of your business. 

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Supporting Mental Health

Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

10 July 2017

The topic of mental health is receiving increasing attention in architecture. So, how can you ensure that your practice is safe and healthy? ACA partner Cbus works with SuperFriend to provide knowledge and resources about mental health, some of which is shared below. 

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Managing mental health

Managing Mental Health

15 December 2016

David Springett reports on the recent NSW ARB workshop looking at mental health in architecture. 

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Construction happiness index

Do We Need a Construction Happiness Index?

4 November 2014

John Held on happiness, mental health and the construction industry.

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